WordPress Plugins: Transform Your Website With These Ten Amazing WordPress Plugins!


What makes people love WordPress? One of the main reasons is the availability of hundreds of plugins. Plugins are amazing as they can bring thousands of possibilities to your website and make blogging easier.

If you are planning on integrating a blog to your website or run an entire website with WordPress, then these plugins are a must. Whatever it is you choose to accomplish on your blog, you are sure to find a plugin for everything. They have become a vital part of the blogging community.

Here is a list of some of the more popular WordPress plugins.

Ultimate Google Analytics
Using this plugin, you can incorporate Google Analytics on your website. Google Analytics provides you very important traffic stats that give you an understanding of who is visiting your site, when they have visited and how, including what they have done on your site.

The plugin will automatically insert the code from Google Analytics into the footer.  It also gives you the ability to add tracking code to all downloads and external links. Once you add an external link, the appropriate code will be added so that you can track the number of times it is clicked.

Moderation of comments is critical to weeding out comments posted by spammers. Akismet alleviates the need for you to undertake this arduous task by filtering out all the blacklisted spammers that already exist in your database, and it is accurate too.

WP SpamFree
Although, Akismet is used by most webmasters, it only filters spammers that exist in the database. This is where WP SpamFree comes in.  It provides additional spam protection.

One of the worst things with a blog is the comment spam from bots. You can get rid of all such comments, as well as pingback and trackback spam, and keep your blog spam-free with the use of WP SpamFree plugin. This great plugin works as a firewall quietly in the background, ensuring your visitors are not bothered with typing in the CAPTCHA. You will also be able to see all the blocked spam details.

All in One Adsense and YPN
Looking to add Adsense to your WordPress blog?  This can be done automatically with this plugin.  It generates and inserts Google adsense ads or Yahoo publisher network (YPN) ads in to your posts, irrespective of how many there are.  You also have control over the position and the color of ads.

Feed WordPress
Feed WordPress is an RSS and Atom aggregator for WordPress blogs. It creates lists of your blog posts that your audience can view from their feed readers. This helps people access your site by using a feedreader, instead of visiting it to check for new posts. This ensures your blog visitors are kept in touch what is happening on your blog. Most people use feed readers these days to keep updated with the sites they visit frequently and this easy to configure plugin allows you to give your visitors what they need.

Admin Drop Down Menu
Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu is a plugin loved by all and is literally the first plugin used by many.  This may not make a difference for the visitor, but is certainly a boon for the administrator.  All the admin links are listed in a neat drop down menu.  There is no need to go through the whole process of clicking on Manage and then selecting where you want to go.  You can go to any admin page directly from any other admin page using the drop down menu.

WP Super Cache
This plugin makes loading of your pages much faster by creating static HTML versions, which means it needs less CPU processing power when compared to using WordPress without this plugin.

HeadSpace 2
This could easily take the place of the All in one SEO plugin that many webmasters consider indispensable for SEO. HeadSpace 2 comes with all the features needed to take your website to a different level. This plugin takes care of everything SEO-related, without the need for you to spend all that time that on SEO.

SEO Smart Links
Being a webmaster, you would know the importance of interlinking articles on your blog. Linking to other articles within your blog is a great way to lead your visitors to all the other pages and also build a good Page Rank for all those pages.  This is exactly what SEO Smart Links plugin does.  It will do the job of interlinking keywords to other articles on your site.

AddToAny: Share/Save/Bookmark/Email Button
Visitors who like your website or blog share it with others and that is one of the best ways of spreading your name across.  This plugin helps your readers do just that. They will be able to share your posts, save, bookmark and email them through Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious and hundreds of social networking and social bookmarking sites.

WordPress plugins have taken over the world of blogging. The ease, with which these plugins are installed and used, makes them a must-have even for a novice blogger. All you have to do is upload the plugins of your choice to your plugins directory in WordPress and activate them on the dashboard, and you have a blog that is tailor-made to meet your needs.

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