What is Shared Hosting

What Is Shared Hosting?

If you are just starting out with your first website we highly recommend going the shared hosting route. Shared hosting is when a hosting provider services several websites. Each of the websites have their own domain name and all remain on the same web server. Pretty much all of the best hosting companies provide some sort of shared hosting. It is important to do your homework to understand the differences between each of the hosts, as not only do the prices fluctuate but the so do the services incentives and extra features.

Below we will tell you the benefits and the negatives that shared hosting can provide. Base on several years of experience as web developers we recommend the following shared hosting providers:

How You Benefit From Shared Hosting?

  • Shared hosting provides users with a less expensive way to host their website on the web.
  • Its a more user friendly environment for beginners
  • Support personal can pretty much help you with anything that you need
  • If you aren’t a system administrator
  • Most shared hosting providers have a cPanel

What The Negatives of Shared Hosting Are

  • Shared hosting is probably not the best option for users who have a large amount of traffic on their site users are better off going with dedicated server.
  • You are limited to the things you can do with shared hosting
  • You cannot upload customized software


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