What is Reseller Hosting?

Need more bandwidth, more space in your hosting account? Want to start your very own web hosting business? Want to host all the websites you manage in one easy to access control panel?

You don’t have to buy a server, become a systems administrator or even invest a lot of money to do this.


We have everything you need to start your own web hosting business.  Secure, Easy-to-use control panels, fast and stable servers with optimal network connectivity.  This a hosting account with a flexible reseller’s interface that gives a user easy access to all hosting accounts allowing for easy and effective management.

Reseller Hosting Accounts Are:

  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Offer Secure Uptime
  • Flexible

What is a Reseller Hosting Account?

A reseller hosting account is a Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) with a cPanel and a WHMCS license included. It is a package that has everything you need to either manage your own websites more optimally, or become a hosting company and host client websites.

The Comparison

When comparing a reseller hosting account vs. a shared hosting account, the biggest  difference is the type of hosting account that powers websites. A reseller account comes on a Virtual Private Server, and not a shared hosting option, and this makes it faster, more secure and a better option.  This is important as it allows the owner to divide the account in any way needed.

Total Control

A reseller hosting account offers total control to the user. Other accounts are more restrictive, regulating the number and type of hosting plans a customer has; the bandwidth, storage, number of emails and users.

Reseller hosting offers any size plan (the plan you create). It gives the user full control of the   server, the storage for each site, the bandwidth and the number of websites hosted.

A Full and Total Solution

A reseller hosting account includes everything needed to build a strong hosting business.

Reseller Hosting offers:

  • Your own hosting business opportunity
  • Create hosting plans tailored to customers
  • Host and bill customers under a personal brand
  • Sell plans and keep the profits

Why Choose a Hosting Reseller Account?

Many hosting startup businesses have a good plan, customers, and service. But they lack one thing; they lack the system and hardware resources to provide the technical support and service.

Find your Hosting Niche and Join the most popular hosting reseller program


A reseller hosting account is like a large master hosting account. It has the same features as shared hosting but a variety of other features too. It offers customizable creation of multiple shared hosting accounts and all under one master dashboard. 

Does This Type of Plan Have Value for Non Sellers?

A reseller’s account can also be a smart choice for website owners who don’t plan on reselling hosting plans. It can function as a step up from a shared hosting plan, but not  so extensive a plan as a Virtual Private Server.

Reseller Accounts have a Broad Appeal Beyond the Resell

This is also an option for anyone who needs easier and powerful options to manage different domains, websites and hosting accounts.

Once a business has more than two or three domains, a reseller hosting account is a much better choice, as it offers more flexibility, greater control and many features. Plus it is easier to manage than multiple shared hosting plans.


The Advantages to Reseller Hosting Accounts:

The following are concise advantages o having a reseller hosting account, whether you resell or not.

  • Management of all Domains and cPanel accounts from one master account.
  • Pay just one monthly or annual hosting fee
  • Better control. The ability to change disk space usage and bandwidth limits for each domain name or account.
  • Create higher security SSL certificates
  • Resell hosting accounts
  • Use personal nameservers

If you currently manage a few domains, or plan on doing so, do yourself a favor and look at a reseller account. Once you enjoy the benefits of a reseller account, you’ll never go back to regular shared hosting.

What Should You Do?

When you own more than one domain and plan on hosting different websites, then a resellers account is your best option. It’s an option that isn’t as expensive as aVirtual Private Server, yet gives you enough control to customize for better options like speed, bandwidth and storage. Options you have no control over in a shared option plan.

When you create and manage websites for others, this is also a better option as it gives you easier access to all the sites you manage; all from one central interface.  Besides a reseller hosting account is a more affordable option in this case, allowing you to resell hosting plans at whatever price you wish.

What about Price?

Of course a reseller hosting account is more expensive than a shared option, but you can also host many different websites, whereas a shared hosting option only allows for one.  The reseller hosting account can run somewhere between $30 to $50 a month, however, if you divide that cost between the dozens of sites you run, the cost is minimal and much smaller than that of a shared plan.

Find your way to success by contracting the reseller hosting account that fits your needs.

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