What Are Managed Web Hosting Solutions?

With so many different options in the hosting industry it can get confusing on what hosting plan is best for your site. We will lay out one option that will provide you information on guided web hosting solutions.

What is Managed Web Hosting

A managed web hosting solution is when a service provider leases a dedicated server and like hardware to one client. Although, a dedicated server is part of the solution to a managed web hosting service, the solution is much more customized. On top of the dedicated server, governed web hosting solutions offer much more including the software, operating system and hardware.

Guided web hosting solutions allows administrative access to you as a user but this is scarcely used. The service provider will usually provide an interface that will allow interaction. Your service provider will usually manage and set up the hardware. They will also chose the best web solution by configuring and installing the software. After these steps have been completed your provider will monitor and make updates, provide technical support, patch management and routine system maintenance.

On top of the basic solutions for managed web hosting, there are also additional items that can be considered. These all come with a price and users typically have the options to add services including; extra security precautions (ID) and DDos, disaster recovery, vulnerability scans and backups.

Types of Managed Web Hosting Solutions

Solutions for managed web hosting come in many different varieties ranging from website hosting to business app hosting. There are also solutions for content delivery network, disaster recovery planning and test/development

The website hosting sector can take care of all your digital, ecommerce and web content management, while business app hosting solutions provide for business applications, databases and Microsoft/IOS.

There is also custom app hosting options that allow the user to have the freedom to focus on the important things. This opens an array of options that has a combination of private cloud servers, custom hardware and virtual servers. Usually guided hosting providers also provide tools and support for creating mobile apps.

One of the most annoying things when surfing the web is a slow website. It turns your users away and they typically end up going to another website. The best solution for this is to enable Content Delivery Network. A solution with Cloud Files distributes your sites content across 100s of edge locations around the world. This means your content travel a smaller distance to the end user.

A Managed Solution Plan for Recovery

In the online industry things can happen in the snap of a finger. Things can go horribly wrong very quickly. A disaster recovery plan should be put in place, which covers a strategy including processes, policies, technologies and personal needed to restore your IT system that is the structure of our business functions. The disaster recovery plan solutions are tailored specifically to your company and can have a wide variety of pricing that can meet your budget.

Overall, there are many different providers that can provide top managed web solutions. It is very important that you figure out your hosting wants/needs are and then research the company to be sure they can provide what you need. Invest some time into this and I am sure with a little research and some questions you will secure the right company for your website, app or other hosting needs.

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