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By: Rachele Burtenshaw
The website that I own is through The Pampered Chef. I am an Independent consultant and being able to have my own website helps generate business. The Pampered chef is the web hosting provider and I must say that they do a very good job at being a web host.I have never had my own website before so I had no idea what to expect not did I know what I needed to do to get it up and running. The Pampered Chef made sure that I knew and understood everything that I needed in order to get started and keep my website going. When I first signed up for the website there was actually a step-by-step program that helped me set the whole thing up. I never had any questions or concerns about it. If I had any questions about something there were phone numbers that I could call for customer service. I didn’t have to use the numbers because I never had any questions.

It was so simple to set up my website. I always thought it was a long, hard process, but it was a lot easier. I was able to put different pictures on my website as well as put whatever template that I liked on it. After I picked what I wanted to be on the home page, then I was able to go back and change things that I wasn’t happy with. I like the ease of being able to go in and edit something if it doesn’t look quite right. It is also very easy to keep up.I always thought it would be hard to keep a website up and running and always making sure that everything is updated on it, but the Pampered Chef sends out reminders to update the website every so often because things are constantly changing. I would definitely recommend this website program to anyone that is either a consultant for the pampered chef or who would like to be a consultant. I thought the program itself was very easy to get up and running and very easy to navigate around the site the first time through.


My experience with the Pampered Chef has been great. I have really liked having a website to refer my friends and family to. It has also been nice to know that there are people standing by to help me with any issues that I have concerning my website. Before I started my website I wasn’t too excited about it and didn’t really think that it would work, but it has done more than work for me. The Pampered Chef has done a great job of making sure I was happy with everything and that things worked out for me. I haven’t had any problems with my website and have been very happy with everything so far. It has been very nice to have a website of my own that didn’t take too much time to start and hasn’t taken any time at all to keep up and running.



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