What Is Website Monitoring And How It Works!

You are at the top of the search results and getting great search traffic; all a result of your search engine optimization and promotion.  Your visitors are increasing by the day and your business is flourishing.

In this scenario, what happens when your servers and site stop functioning or issues start cropping up?  Your being on top of the search results is not going to help if your visitors cannot get to your site or have other issues.

A website needs to be protected from hackers, viruses, worms, hardware failures and several other problems that could put your business at risk; especially for medium and big businesses.  Internet connectivity and database management is crucial to the success of your business.

This is where the Website monitoring companies prove to be useful.  They specialize in server, site and email monitoring.   They take up the responsibility of website monitoring and ensure that the website is functional at all times and the performance is not affected. Email monitoring is done through ensuring the SMTP servers are in order to process emails in a perfect manner.  Where server monitoring is concerned, it is the performance and functioning of servers such as FTP etc. that is maintained.

These monitoring services follow different ways of ensuring their clients’ websites are performing fine.  They themselves connect to the server or site frequently to verify the operational status.  Some of them use ping to check for a response from the server.  Others use different methods such as checking the database connectivity, web page code etc.

When hiring a monitoring service, site owners have to first understand how the service is going to monitor the website.  If they are only using ping to check for the status, this may not be the perfect way as ping does not always guarantee that a server or website is operational.  A good monitoring service also has to provide statistics to website owners to reassure them that everything is being done as per the agreement.

When you hire a monitoring service, some of them install software on your server. This is done very rarely these days as most services have the capability of checking sites and servers from their end.

You should also find out the “monitoring interval.”  This is the gap between every site check or how often the site is checked. The packages can range anywhere from two minutes to one hour.  If you have a site which needs to be checked every two minutes as it is crucial that there are no problems, you will need to subscribe for that package.

But for any monitoring service is be used most efficiently, it is important that you are in contact at all times.  For example, if you pay for monitoring every two minutes and you set up things to be sent via email notification, and you only check your emails once a day, the purpose is lost.  So you have to carefully understand how you are going to be notified and then decide based on that.

The rates of these monitoring services usually depend on the monitoring interval.  They are usually in the range of $50 or $60 per month, which is not too bad for the security of your company.

Monitoring can be valuable to businesses where their websites are important for the business. Having a monitoring service from outside your office is a great idea and ensures you have everything in place, such as firewalls and other security aspects of your website.

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