What You Need To Know – Internet Web Hosting 101

When searching for internet web hosting you will encounter many scams and rip-offs.  The purpose of this article is to give you some tips and advice that will help you find a great web host.  At the end of the article we will share with you three (3) web hosting providers that we have personally tested and have found for be the best internet web hosting providers.

10 Tips for Finding the Best Internet Web Hosting Provider:

  1. Don’t be fooled by commercials and race-car drivers. We have all heard of Danica Patrick (the Godaddy girl); however, GoDaddy is actually one of the worse web hosting providers on the web!  This company spends millions of dollars each year on marketing; however, they have to get this money from somewhere.  Based on my personal experience Godaddy wants to charge customers A LOT of money for every individual part of web hosting, most hosts won’t do this.  AVOID GoDADDY!
  2. Some internet web hosting providers want to limit the amount of bandwidth and disk space you get with their hosting package.  The problem with this is that you will likely run out of this space and will be charged large sums of money for the overages.  If you are going to sign up with a web host make sure that they offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, this will protect you from overages.
  3. DOMAIN NAMES FREE!  Don’t pay for web hosting AND and domain name.  There are a lot of great hosts like Hostmonster and Bluehost that will give you a free domain name with the purchase of hosting.
  4. Pay attention to customer support!  Many small web hosting providers will not offer 24/7 internet web hosting customer support; however, all reputable hosts will offer around the clock support.  Stay away from hosts that will not offer you 24/7 support.
  5. Avoid free web hosting!  Free website hosting sound great BUT you get what you pay for.  Free web hosting providers will give you terrible customer support, limit resources, and will likely place ads all over your website.  All of our top 3 hosts below offer web hosting for under four dollars per month, it is well worth paying for quality hosting.
  6. Look for nice bonuses.  Many web hosting providers have teamed up with other companies to offer you nice bonuses with your web hosting purchase.  Many will give you free Google Adwords credit or Yahoo PPC credit.. These bonuses are free and worth noting when you go to purchase web hosting on the Internet.
  7. Look for promotional links!  Sites like AlreadyHosting.com have teamed up with web hosting providers in order to offer you special promotional discounts.  For example, if you click on our exclusive Hostmonster Promo Link OR our Bluehost Promo Link you will get your Internet web hosting for only $3.95 a month (a nice savings).
  8. Look for reviews!  AlreadyHosting.com, one of the web’s best web hosting review sites, has reviews of over 100 internet web hosting providers!  Utilize these reviews when searching for a web host.
  9. Shared web hosting is the cheapest and the best web hosting solution for 98% of websites.  However, if you plan to create a site with a lot of videos it would be wise to look at dedicated web hosting providers.
  10. Don’t be scared.  It is often intimidating when you go to purchase web hosting for the first time; however, there is no reason to be scared.  The majority of good Internet web hosts offer 30 day money back guarantees; therefore, if you are not happy you can always get your money back.

Best 3 Internet Web Hosting Providers:

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