Multiple Domain Hosting: A Boon For The Webmaster!

If you are a webmaster who has multiple websites, all having their own hosting plans, how much would it cost?  The amount you would be paying your web hosting providers would be huge, even if it is being paid yearly.  Even if a webmaster has enough money, maintaining and keeping track of all of them is a big job by itself.

Imagine the comfort and convenience of having all the websites under one roof, with a single hosting plan. The concept of multiple domain hosting can save hundreds of dollars for webmasters.

Multiple domain hosting allows website owners to have a number of sites.  For example, if you want to host two sites on health and you want your main domain to be “,” you would purchase hosting for this main domain first.

You have one more domain called “,” for which you created a website.  Instead of spending money on another hosting plan, you can now set up an add-on domain in the control panel, under the “add-on domains” option.

Internally, which is the add-on domain points to a subdirectory in the main domain – “”  Although, this is an add-on domain, it is almost like a regular domain which can be accessed by visitors from Visitors will be taken to a proper website and not to a sub-domain. However, all the files pertaining to this website are going to be stored in the directory.  This means that for all practical purposes, you have two full-fledged websites, and the only difference is in the internal file storing structure.

In this example, we have used just one add-on domain, but you can have many such websites hosted under a single account.  You can even create separate databases, email IDs etc. for the add-on domains, with the use of the main cPanel.

Multiple domain hosting also works great for niche marketers who target different sub niches for one main niche, as shown in the example above.

Multiple domain hosting not only helps you reduce the costs of hosting by a large margin, but you can also save a lot more from all the important features that are offered; such as pre-installed software scripts, marketing services, e-commerce tools and free online advertising credits etc.   Most of the hosts provide these features with a multiple domain hosting plan; however, it helps to make sure they do before signing up.

Another point to note when looking for multiple domain hosting is that there are several hosts that provide this type of hosting but do not advertise.

If you already have a web hosting provider, you can see if you have the option of choosing the folder the domain is pointed to.  This could mean that it can be used to host multiple domains with the creation of new folders under the main root folder.  However, you will find that all web hosts allow the creation of sub folders under the main root folder to save scripts and image files etc.  For them to support multiple domain hosting, you should be able to link those sub folders to different domain names.

Multiple domain hosting does not have to cost more than traditional hosting and some providers also allow free registration of a new domain.

Where hosting is concerned, “multiple” does not necessarily mean “unlimited.”  The number of domains that can be hosted under a multiple domain hosting plan depends on the plan.  If the plan restricts it to six domain names, then that is all you are allowed to host.

Let’s do a simple comparison of traditional hosting rates and multiple hosting:

Traditional hosting – If you host 1 website @ $8/month, the cost of 10 websites per month would be $80, and yearly it would be $960.

Multiple hosting – The cost of 1 website is $8/month, the cost of 10 websites per month would be $8, and the yearly cost would be $96.

Now, what would you prefer paying? $960 or $96?

I can see you’ve made up your mind.  All you need to do now is find a good multiple web hosting provider and rule the internet.

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