Email Hosting: Project Your Website As Professional!

Email hosting in simple terms means web hosting companies agree to perform email functions for their customers.  They can be just the basic functions of receiving and sending emails or advanced functions that entail database processing.  Further, the host also undertakes the responsibility of maintaining the security of client email accounts as well as the reliability of the servers on which these email accounts are stored.

Through email hosting, you can have a personalized email account on your own domain.  Why would you want to do that?  Well, for one thing, it projects your company as professional and can prove to be a big plus for your business.  You must have received experienced feeling confident about companies that have emails like and feeling just the opposite with emails like

While most web hosts offer email hosting as an additional feature, there are times when a big organization with several departments need dedicated email hosting.  These companies can either set up in-house servers for this or outsource their email hosting.
The three different ways of using emails under your own domain name are:

  • Using the email hosting service offered by your web host, which is usually an additional feature that comes along with your hosting package.
  • Using an email hosting specialist to outsource your email hosting.
  • Use of in-house servers to host your company emails.

In-house email hosting

While managing in-house servers is certainly the best option for large organizations, it requires a lot of effort, and may not be a feasible solution for the smaller businesses.  If you are thinking of outsourcing your email hosting, research is important as you need to find the right one.

Email hosting companies

Companies that provide email hosting are many, and this facility is offered by Yahoo, Microsoft and Google too. They use email hosting as a way to get users to sign up for their other services. Yahoo and Microsoft take the lead and offer a lot of services that can actually meet all of your Web-based needs in one place.

Email hosting offered by web hosts

There are several web hosts that offer email hosting as an additional feature.  But how do you find the best one?  How do you know who offers the most security for your emails?
Here are the basic things you need to look for:

Spam emails: It is important to find out how spam emails are managed. There is no dearth of spammers looking to attack your domain by sending hundreds of junk emails, which can be extremely painful. You must ensure that the web host has a good spam filter that is easy to use.

Email forwarding: Email forwarding or email redirect is one and the same.  If you have an email account such as “, and you want all the emails that are addressed to this to be delivered to, you will have to set up a redirect. Check if this is possible before signing up with a web host.  This helps you keep a professional front and receive all your emails to one or more emails of your choice.

Autoresponders: Autoresponders allow you to send a pre-prepared message as a reply to some specific emails or questions from your users. If you have a contact page on your website with different categories, and users send in some questions through a particular category, you can set up an automated pre-written message that sends out the required information, based on that category.

Mailing lists: This helps when you have a huge number of customers you need to send emails to.  If your company has many departments, the message can be set to be sent to all the departments using a single email address. The mailing list contains the emails of all the employees that should be receiving messages.  Find out from the web host if you are allowed to create and edit email lists on your domain.

While it is difficult to pinpoint which is the best email host, you can check out the reputed ones and get answers to all these questions.  Find out from other similar companies about their email hosting and you will ultimately find one. Even if it takes time initially, this research will help you fulfill all your email needs without any hassles.

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