Own An E-Commerce Site? Give Your Visitors A Great Shopping Experience! Part-1

It’s not enough to create an e-commerce site, drive traffic to it and expect customers to buy from you.  In this case, traffic does not equal sales, but “safety and easy” shopping does.  This is one of the most crucial points many new webmasters miss.  They create a site they consider well-designed, put in their effort at making it search-engine friendly, and eventually find that the huge amount of traffic does not translate into sales.

Customers these days are smart and the first thing they look for in an e-commerce site is the ability to find products easily, that the process of buying is simple and that it is completely safe.  With the number e-commerce sites that exist today, competition is high and customers know very well that if not here, somewhere else.

This is where the layout of your e-commerce site becomes important.

Here are a couple of very important pointers to help you in the right direction:

Search and Navigation functionality – Just like in a storefront, you will have to make sure all the products are easily accessed; you should also need perfect search functionality in your e-commerce store. The purpose of a site search is to help visitors locate and purchase products on your website.  This can be done by allowing them to view product information and navigate through the different product choices.

Usually, shoppers begin searching with some general terms and finally abandon the search and leave the website in frustration, because their search returns too many disconnected choices.  You will need to incorporate a feature that allows customers to search by different criteria, such as the price and the type of product etc. along with providing a proper navigation so that they are able to locate all the products rapidly.  Guided navigation helps with this problem and allows visitors to narrow the search in a structured fashion. This is very important when the inventory on a site has too many products, all with different features.

Customers should be able to find all the products in your store and not overlook anything. They may not know a certain product was available and that it is costs lower than the others.

If your customers find your site easy to navigate, this will benefit you in the form of increase in paying customers.

Product details – Product description is perhaps the most important element of an e-commerce site. Customers to an e-commerce site look for detailed product descriptions with high quality images.  If you do not give enough details, it could result in losing potential sales.  The details should also contain the price as well as the stock available, so that customers don’t have to go through the whole process only to be disappointed.

The details to be provided on a product page should be the name of the product, image of the product, product description and any other additional information.

  • Even if the images on the page are small or medium sized images, they should all be linked to high resolution quality full-screen photos.
  • The product description should give enough reason for a visitor to buy a product.  The benefits of buying the products should be highlighted as well as mentioning the unique features of products.
  • You can provide all the options available, if any, to adjust the order for the customer, in the additional information space.
  • You should also have a “related products” links, which show related products, products that are complimentary to the main product, as well as other products that are bought by customers who bought this product.
  • It also helps to provide customer reviews of a product, to show the visitors that your product does work and how it will make life better for the visitor.

Basically, the visitors to the product page should have all the information about the product, how much they will have to pay etc. Visitors will also have to be shown the way to proceed to the next step if they wish to add the product to the cart, checkout or go back to the main products page where they came from.

These are two most important things you need to keep in mind when creating your e-commerce site.  There are a few other things that will help keep your site customer-friendly and creating sales in spite of all that competition.  Read Part-2 of this article to find out what they are.

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