All About E-Commerce Site Web Hosting!

Choosing the right web host is an important part of setting up your E-Commerce business.  Your online store has to impress customers with its usability, dependability, security and customer service.

Today, there are so many web hosting providers offering E-commerce hosting that you can easily find one to suit your budget, even if it is low. Before deciding on a web host, you will first have to make note of your specific requirements and see if the host fulfills them.

In spite of your website being good, slow servers and a high down-time can prove to be damaging with loss of potential customers.  Customers do not have the patience to wait for your website to load and with the advancement in technology, their demands have increased and they expect everything to be done “instantly.” A good web hosting provider ensures your pages load fast and there is minimum down-time.

For an E-commerce website where customers give their credit card and other sensitive personal identification details, safety of this information is of utmost importance.  Keeping your customers safe is your responsibility and it all depends on your web hosting provider.

With so many online frauds going on, customers are wary of purchasing online. You can boost your customer confidence and make them feel safe, with the use of SSL certificate for your website.  It is a security protocol that enables encrypted communications between the web browser of the customer and the hosting server.  It offers high level encryption and generates a key that is not possible to crack.  An SSL certificate on your site also shows to your customers that your site is completely safe and secure for shopping.

You will have to make sure your host allows an SSL certificate. The common practice is for e-commerce stores to go with the “shared” SSL certificates offered by web hosts that can be used under their domain name, so that you don’t have to get your own.  However, if you can afford it, it is better to have your own certificate.  But for this, you will need a dedicated IP address. The advantages with this are that, you will have your own company name on the certificate and this can actually prove to be important for customers.

A good e-commerce hosting solution offers a number of automated features, such as free shopping cart systems, multiple email accounts and intuitive control panel software, enabling you to control your store front most effectively.  With the open-source software being hugely important in web hosting, the right e-commerce package will enhance your presence on the web; free software programs, powerful databases and dynamic programming languages are just a few elements at your disposal.

It is all about determining what you need and finding the right hosting provider.  For a first-timer, the importance of going with a reputed web host and paying attention to the reviews and word-of-mouth cannot be stressed enough.  This is the only way you can get the best out of your store and keep a winning edge over the competition.

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