What Is Unlimited Web Hosting? – Answered

Today is the second day in our Web Hosting Q & A series.   We are going to look at a question that I have received on multiple occasions, and I will help you understand a common web hosting marketing tool.

Q:  What is unlimited web hosting?

A:  As the web hosting market grows more competitive you will find that many hosting providers will develop unique marketing tactics.  “Unlimited Web Hosting”, is one of the most used marketing tactics in the hosting industry.  Many shared web hosting providers such as FatCow, WebHostingPad, or FastDomain promote themselves as unlimited hosts.  Unlimited web hosts, such as these, offer customers:  unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, and/or unlimited domain name hosting.

In reality, there is no physical way that a host can offer unlimited resources.   The term that many use to describe these types of hosts is, “overselling”, because they are selling unlimited resources which is statistically impossible.   So why do these hosts advertise unlimited web hosting?   Web hosting providers know that they can provide users with ample web space (more than anyone will ever need); because of this, hosts are not afraid to remove resource caps and give users the freedom to know that they will not be charged for overages.

Although the term, “unlimited web hosting” is somewhat misleading, these hosts still provide some of the best web hosting solutions on the web.   AlreadyHosting.com is a huge website, with a lot of traffic, and we are hosted on shard server through HostMonster.   Unlimited web hosting providers offer the cheapest hosting on the web and many offer very reliable hosting solutions.   If you are looking for a web hosting that will give more than enough server resources, I would suggest on of our top 10 web hosting providers.


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