How Do I Find The Best Web Host? – Answered

Over the next week we are going to look at, and answer,  some questions that I have been asked from individuals looking to start their very first website.  I will simply post some questions that I have been asked over the past year and offer the best advice possible.  Let’s get your questions answered.   So here we go… Day 1 of Web Hosting Q & A!

Q: How Do I Find The Best Web Host?

A:  Anytime that you deal with the word “Best” you are really asking for one person’s opinion.  As the owner of one of the web’s largest web hosting review sites , I am honored that you give us enough credibility to answer this question.  When researching web hosting providers we typically monitor the following: Price, Server Reliability, Customer Support, Host Experience, and Overall Customer Feedback.  With this being said we have generated our Top 10 Web Hosting List.

With this being said, I think it is important to note that our site ( is hosted with HostMonster.  Our site generates a LOT of revenue each month and we rely on having great web hosting.  We have had no issues, problems, or complaints about HostMonster and we feel comfortable recommending them to anyone.

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