Need Help With Understanding WordPress?


WordPress has come to be known as the best blogging platform even for beginners building their first ever website. The Web is abuzz about WordPress sites.  But for the uninitiated, building a WordPress site is nothing less than a challenge.  No, it’s not because the process itself is complicated, but because of lack of necessary knowledge.

Just leave all your fears associated with building a website behind and read this.

You don’t need to know HTML, database management, FTP or anything else.  You don’t need Dreamweaver or any other WYSUSYG software.  It’s free to use with excellent easy-to-use features, SEO friendly and very well supported.

There are two WordPress websites you can go to based on your need; and  There is always confusion as to what is different here. has everything related to the software, such as documentation, download links for the software and it is here that you can also find support.  On the other hand, is a place where a free blog can be hosted online using WordPress software. Since these are free blogs, they will have in their URL, just as blogger blogs URLs have

Your WordPress website is supported by the backend system, templates and plugins that make life easier.  A template is a design code for your website and comes in css and php files.  A plugin is a functional code that provides extra functions for your website.

WordPress Templates

In WordPress, the design of your website has no connection with the backend system. The website appearance is based on files named templates or themes. The files in the template folders can be modified to get the exact website design you need, without going anywhere near the WordPress backend. Once the stylesheets and template files are configured, the design will show up on your site. The design remains consistent throughout all the pages on the website, without you having to work on each page.

You can either make these templates yourself or use the ones provided by WordPress for free or even buy them.  In fact, there is such a huge variety of these templates that you won’t have to create your own, unless of course you wish to.  Since the free ones are easy to use, you can use them initially instead of spending money buying them or creating them.

You can find these templates on WordPress themes gallery sites or on the official WordPress site in the “Themes Directory.” If you search Google, you will find hundreds of websites offering these templates.

WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin increases the power of WordPress and can be used to do almost anything, such as use polls on your website, establish rating systems on the site, auto-generate XML sitemap, add SEO features and many more.  There are thousands you can choose from.  Just like the ready-made templates, you will not have to create any plugins.  There are several volunteers that keep developing these plugins and sharing them for free.  These plugins help you get anything done on the website.


WordPress can be hosted with almost any hosting provider and installed on all computers with Unix/Linux system.   Just download the WordPress installation file and follow instructions.  It is advisable to go with a web host that allows auto-installation of WordPress, which will greatly help you if you are new to this. There are several such good web hosts around that offer auto-installation using Fantastico or some such program.   Once you sign up with a web host, just look for WordPress option and click on that.  Things should be simple after that.

There you go; using WordPress for your websites can be wonderful in terms of ease of use as well as for SEO purposes.  A WordPress site ranks faster too and with the right plugins, you will find yourself on the first page of Google within no time.  Even if the first website takes time because of the learning curve involved, you will find yourself breezing through websites after that.

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