Linux Web Hosting: The Distributions Available!

With the arrival of Linux web hosting, webmasters enjoyed an increase in performance, stability, reliability and security.  These factors make Linux the operating system of choice for anyone looking to host a website. Most of the technologies and networking protocols that enable the internet are based on Unix, and Linux is a derivation of Unix.  It is also compatible with MySQL and Apache, proving to be a leader in the open-source software area, making it highly customizable and cost efficient.

One of the main advantages of Linux hosting is said to be the development of software to support the platform as well as the fact that it can run almost all protocols or web services.  With constant improvement in the software, there are several Linux distributions that you may encounter when searching for that perfect web hosting package. They are called “distros” and consist of a huge collection of software applications such as spreadsheets, processors, database applications and word processors.


This is a popular Linux distribution for servers, laptops and desktops.  It offers excellent features that can be compared to Windows hosting, making it easier to work on. Everything from e-mailing programs to programming tools and web server are available. It is free to use, which means it can be downloaded and shared with anyone without paying anything.  Because of all the specialist tools available, it is liked by most multimedia designers who specialize in music production and video design.

It is used by many web hosting providers and this distribution is maintained extremely well with constant updates and regular patch releases.  It is available as an OS for most VPS web hosting and may also be installed on a dedicated server if you want.  Since it is based on Linux, users get plenty of ready-to-use programs that can be run on servers and desktop machines, by making the necessary changes.


The name itself suggests that this is similar to Ubuntu.  Although, both are almost the same where functionality and operation is concerned, they use different file systems.  Other than that, they offer the same level of performance, reliability, security and security users look for, making it perfect for website hosting as well as for desktop use.


This hosting caters to the server platform based on Ubuntu and Kubuntu operating systems. It is the most used Linux distribution today; although it is considered to be more complex.  It offers superior flexibility and reliability and helps keep several websites running most efficiently at the same time. It is great to be used as a server as well as a desktop operating system.


A common Linux distribution, Fedora is usually used for dedicated server hosting plans.  It is often bundled with dedicated server hosting plans.  It is based on RedHat Linux, which is a commercial distribution.
Though it is in existence in the hosting marketplace, Fedora is mainly used as a server platform for older machines due to its limitations and ability to perform exceptionally well by using fewer system resources.


Ranked as the best software and providers of Linux and open source technology, Red Hat is the mother of most other Linux distributions and has a name for quality open source technology services.


It is one of the largest Linux distributions from Germany and SuSe is short for “Software- und System Entwicklung.”  It is user friendly and offers easy accessibility for beginners, experienced people as well as being great for corporate use.


It stands for “Community ENTerprise Operating System” and is a free Linux distribution.  This one is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linus (RHEL) and is totally compatible with it.  Although, it is a free software, it is only provided to paying subscribers.

Most hosting providers offer multiple Linux distros and you are assured to get everything you could ever need.  Linux distributions have a wide range of benefits and features, and have a historic reputation for providing the best in terms of reliable performance.

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