VPS hosting

What Is VPS Hosting?

to put it simply VPS Hosting is a virtual private server which is a virtual machine sold as a service by an internet hosting provider. VPS’s run on their own copy of an operation system. This also allows customers to have full control access to that operating system. They can then install pretty much any software of their choosing that runs on OS.

Why Is It Different Then Shared and Dedicated?

Like a dedicated server VPS is where you rent an entire server, which is optimal for people with high traffic or websites that need very specific customized setups. So with a VPS you are actually using a shared server, however it is less expensive then a dedicated server and you are able to customize your shared portion of the server that is different from others.

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Operating a VPS

Most VPS’ function in the same manner, however the main objective is so that users can share one dedicated server, but run several different virtualized operating systems all from that server. Each virtual systems acts as if it was operating similarly to a dedicated server. Essentially, you have all the bells and whistles with out the huge expense of a dedicated server. Consult with a system administrator if you plan to use a VPS. It also usually comes with a free cPanel so you are able to manage domains, upload files and perform security measures and other tasks to run efficiently

Benefits of VPS

Dedicated Resources- You have a certain amount of RAM that is dedicated to you only at anytime.

Privacy- your OS isn’t shared with other web users so no other websites could potentially have access to your files

Customization– You have your own operation system, which also includes all applications like; Apache, PHP and MySQL. All of these service can be customized for what you need.

Control- VPS servers can be restarted without affecting others. Restarts can be done when applications are required.

Overall a VPS is great for someone who has some experience in the online world. If you are a beginner stick to the shared hosting as the cost is about 1/3. As you get more comfortable in the industry, or your site grows quickly you can look at advancing to the VPS, in turn you will reap many benefits and have much more control. It is advised that you work with a system admin to set the first one up so you understand all of what is going on.