Working From Home, What To Expect

Working from home has become quite the profession these days, with making money on the internet on an all-time high, many laid back people are trying out their luck to see if they could be successful by sitting on their couch.

Working from home has a huge number of advantages; first of all you don’t have to get ready if that’s something you don’t enjoy doing, if you are self-employed then you get to set your own hours

No Alarms or wakeup calls:

First and the best advantage is that you set your own time, you wake up when you want and you sleep when you want. No stingy alarms that go on and on, but that being said if you have make sure that you meet your deadlines.

Flexible work hours
With a full time job you don’t always get time to be social, unless of course if your job requires it, but with most desk jobs making new finds and hanging out with old ones is quite challenging, so one advantage people have when they work from home is the flexible working hours, so you set the time to work yourself, you could go out for lunch with your friends without having to worry about your managers cold stares for the rest of the day.


Do as much as you can:

When you are self-employed you take on work which you think you can do and manage, there are going to be deadlines if you wish to succeed but they will be a bit more lax compared to what you would have if you were to work 9 to 5.

No traffic:

If you live in a big city, commute can definitely be a pain in the ass, especially in the evenings when rush hour kicks in, so working from home saves you from that hassle

No getting ready for work

Imagine going to the office in your pajamas! Totally “un-possible”. If you are someone who particularly hates getting ready in the mornings then, working from home might just be the best decision of your life!

More family time

Nine to five sucks the living daylights out of a person and by the time one gets home the energy barrel is pretty empty, so it is normal for many working people to not be able to spend time with their families, so working from home definitely helps overcome that problem, because of that life become more enjoyable.
Now I feel that I’ve covered the pretty basic advantages of working from home, however there are many problems that you might want to prepare yourself for if you are deciding to take the bullet and quit your job or decide to do your job whilst at home;

Things can get uninspiring:

Whilst setting your work timings yourself to fit your lifestyle working from home you might get a little demotivating and uninspiring, especially if you are someone who doesn’t make an effort to go out, or live alone.


Things can get pretty lonely especially if you’re single and live alone, it would be hard to meet new people and there will be very little social growth, that gets people down when you see your friends going on a business trip or hanging out with colleagues.


Daddy Daycare :

Whether you’re a male or a female if you work from home you will be doing the house work in the morning, especially when you have kids who just don’t get the whole “working from home” thing so it is necessary to be dedicated at what you do and have a proper schedule for work which is known and understood by all members of the family.


The “so what is it you do again”:

Many people will not get what your job is, they only get the “at home” part and everything else will be gibberish so it’s always hard explaining to friends and relatives your job, when you work at the office you have a designated title which you tell everyone but when you’re self-employed you don’t really have one unless of course you make one up, so don’t get demotivated when people talk behind your back saying that “he has no clue what he’s doing, maybe he just got fired?!”.


Working from home can often result in people becoming lazy because there is no set work routine or time, and so you might find yourself in pjs till noon and that won’t make you feel good about yourself, also you might find that you have more downtime and instead of using that productively you might end up becoming your couch watching Netflix.

You are the boss and the handy man:

Back when you have a desk job, small things like getting your computer fixed when it starts acting up is easy, all you have to do is call the IT guy, but when you work at home you’re the IT guy, so you have to fix your computer issue, you have to make sure you have lunch and make your own coffee and you can’t ask sweet Tracy from the office to photocopy the file for you.

Lack of funds:

If you are an entrepreneur then you will need a considerable amount of funds to set up your office space, so it would require you to actually save up from your old job to pursue your passion, also your income may vary each month, with 9 to 5 you at least get a fixed paycheck every month, but when you are the owner of your business some months can be good for the business and some won’t be so you always have to have a backup plan when you face a little bit of an issue with your monthly income, always remember “with great power comes great responsibility”

No help or delegation:

When you work from home and have your own business that you run, unless you have people working for you, you will have no one to delegate work to, so you have to specialize in doing everything, you will find that what your learn is from your own mistakes and you won’t have an active learning environment.

So in this article we learned some of the benefits and disadvantages of working from home, in all honesty it is great but the start can be a bit rough, if you stick it out during the starting phase then there is no stopping you!


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