Why You Should Choose an IPhone Over an Android

Now this is a very heated topic and does lead to many people unfriending people on Facebook when matters get out of hand. The answer as to WHY an iPhone is better than an average or a top notch android phone is 10% based on preference, and 90% based on  the mechanics of each product and what they have to offer.


So here are my reasons as to why I prefer the iPhone over an Android:

Easiest phone to use

Many would disagree but after using both Android devise and iPhone I found the latter to be incredibly easy to use. The interface is simple fast and smart, ticks all the boxes. Unlike Android phones there are not a zillion different options for customizing the screen or getting rid of app clutter, and because there are not a zillion ways of doing it the iPhone is easier to use. Let’s be honest how many times a day or week or even a month do you change your notification settings, or display settings? I reckon maybe once a year, so the choice of having so many ‘options’ to do so seems useless.

Easier to update

Okay first things first, I find the names of android software’s to be very confusing, maybe its just me, but I have never managed to remember what software any of my android phones have had. Now coming to the update option, it is massively simple on the iPhone, the phone detects that the software update and the update begins on just a touch of your finger. I have found many android users discussing if their phones can be updated, I never have that issue, if I get a notification for software update I know my time has come!

Plus the availability of the software update is far low in number for android users, if you have an older  phone, chances are that you will not be able to update your phone, the newest software which is Lollipop (had to google it to find out) and because of the lack of older phones being able to update I reckon 1 in 10 android users maybe using the latest software, whilst at least 70% of iPhone users maybe using the iOS 9 by now.

Best of both worlds

I have seen very few Android phones that complement the hardware just as they complement the software. The OS just goes with the phone, its meant to be! For example the 3D touch is superfast as it detects pressure within nanoseconds. Sure, Android phones have offered haptic feedback for ages, but the Taptic engine in the new iPhones promises to be super-efficient

Great quality cameras

Now let’s come to the camera quality which is a massive decision factor for a wide range of users. The iPhone, I have noticed always is able to take absolute breath taking photos, be it daylight, lowlight or no light when compared to some of the better android phones. The new iPhone 6s takes crisp images which supersede the images taken from the new Samsung phone, how you may ask? In terms of contrast, brightness balance and sharpness. Both phones have amazing image stabilization options but the iPhone beats the new Samsung S6 in terms of time efficiency. Also every single picture clicked with the new iPhone is super crisp and total Facebook DP material!

Works well with other devices

Another plus for iPhone users is that it syncs magically with Macs and the apple watch. I am a huge user of this 21st century magical option, no cables no wires no hassle, everything just transfers through iCloud. This is an option most would say ‘why would you want that?’ because it just simplifies your life, and why wouldn’t you want something that would simplify your life?

Secured operating system

Apple devices have a much more locked down development environment. The apps available on the app store a tested and checked on the basis of functionality and their coherence with the operating system, which is highly beneficial particularly when you don’t want viruses to attack your phone. Many of my friends have fallen victim to the viruses which come in to the phone by downloading shady apps. Of course you wouldn’t have that problem if you owned an iPhone!

An integrated ecosystem

If you are an apple user to the core i.e you own everything from Apple, then this arrangement is bound to be in your favor, as all devices are linked to one and other, especially having a mac and an iPhone is cream cheese and red velvet cake, if your phone starts acting up, all the support you will ever need is right

Beautiful design

The iPhone hands down is the most beautifully designed phone and I say this because it is very different from other phones you get in the market. Most of the android phones have a similar look to them be it LG, Sony, Samsung or HTC. You will not find any other brand with the colors and shape that iPhone has. Also the colors offered by Apple are praise worthy, each and every color is unique especially the Gold and Rose gold colors, I haven’t found a single gold phone which is up to iPhone Gold color standards, plus the feel of the phone is expensive and chic, the position of the camera at the back and the flash just compliments the look of the phone.

No buttons no worries

Many android phones offer ‘back, home and option buttons’, iPhone offers only a single button which not only adds to its simplicity but also makes it more unique and user friendly. Plus if you are not familiar with assistive touch then let me just simplify your life, since everything is now touchscreen I much prefer having no button what so ever, I prefer being able to control the settings, going back to home screen, muting my phone, adjusting volume  etc all my just touching the screen. Assistive touch is a brilliant option offered to users still running iOS 6.

These were some of the reasons why I truly love the iPhone!

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