What gifts should I buy this Christmas?

Hello gift givers, when faced with the most serious dilemma of the year; “what gifts to buy this Christmas?” you’ve come to the right place because as always we have a solution to your problem.

Be it your girlfriend, your wife, your best friend, your dad, whomever I can bet everyone likes a little bit of tech wrapped up under the Christmas tree!

In this gift ideas list, we will explore a number of options ranging from affordable to a bit pricier options, so let’s get started;

1. Google Cardboard Knox V2:


Coming in at only $17.10 the Google Cardboard Knox is a perfect taste of virtual reality that you can get on the cheap. It’s a great gift especially for someone who likes trying new things in VR and is big on the ‘’I need to keep up to date with my gadgets.’ It is not a fulltime commitment VR product, especially if you want top just dip your toes in the whole VR parade going on these days. Simply hold it up to your face and experience visiting new places, play fully immersive games or just have a nice scroll through space, as you do!

2. Polaroid Zip:


If you know someone who is into polaroid photography but you don’t have the budget to buy a polaroid camera then a good alternative is Polaroid Zip, it’ll cost you around a $130 but it’s totally worth it. It connects through Bluetooth with your iPhone or android, you’ll need to install the app for this in your phone, then just simply select a photo and hit print, and your good to go! It print 2 by 3 photos which is the standard polaroid size, and I feel is a much better investment than a polaroid camera because now you don’t have to carry two things around with you, all you need is a good camera phone!

3. Kangaroo Mobile desktop


This gift is for someone who likes using their computers on the go, but don’t like the hassle of carrying two bags (purse and camera bag) at the same time. The kangaroo mobile desktop is tiny I kid you not you can fit this I your pocket, but does all your bidding that normally your PC would do for you, how cool is that? Plus its only $99. It also has fingerprint detection as an extra level of security.

4. Une Bobine


This one definitely has a weird name, but is a great gift. We all get tired of holding our phones up high when were FaceTiming or skyping with our friends or even watching a show, and you have to twist and turn in bed to keep it in a position that is comfortable for your eyes and your hands, it’s a struggle really, well then this is a perfect gift that you might want to give someone who battles this first world problem on a daily basis or if you’re someone who faces this problem then now would be a perfect time to hint your friends and family that you need this in your life. So basically it comes with a unique metal wire which is highly flexible and can twist and bend in any direction you want it to, at the end is a USB jack. Safe to say one first world problem SOLVED! And oh its only $35 on Amazon!

5. Google chromecast


This gift is for anyone and everyone, its one of those things that nobody really wants but everyone needs. I personally would love to receive this as a present. I always struggle with HDMI cables and I hate the fact that its different windows laptops and Macs, well the Google chromocast is an amazing solution to this struggle, which is real when you’re all cozy in your bed and too lazy to be bothered to move and plugin the HDMI cable in your laptop. Just connect this to your TV and open up a supported app like Pandora or Netflix on your laptop or phone or tablet and hit cast and wah lah! You have it on your TV as well in full 1080p .You can also broadcast straight from Google chromo browser. And its only $35, you just can’t beat that!

6. Anova precision cooker


This can be a perfect gift for someone who likes to cook. This device is meant to be attached to the pot you’ll be cooking in and set it to a desired temperature and time, fill water in the pot and place meat in a plastic bag in the pot, leave this bad boy on and your meet will be juicy and tender in no time, the mechanics behind this device is that it circulates the water to ensure a consistent temperature in the pot. Also it is one of those things that will never go unused. It retails for $139 at Amazon.

7. Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case:


This is one of those products that is an amazing stocking filler or a present you can get for your friend, it is a sliding iPhone case which adds a rechargeable 3,200 Ah battery to an iPhone and stops charging the minute the phone reaches a 100% charge. Now the iPhone users can use their phones all day without having to worry about running out of charge. It retails at around $79 but is totally worth the spent.

8. CamKix Kit:


This gift is perfect for anyone who loves photography on the go. The $65 kit comes with a brushed aluminum fish eye, macro and wide angle lens and a plastic telephoto 8x lens. The kit also include a hard mounting case, a tripod and cleaning cloths for the lens. It works well with the iPhone 5/5s and also comes with a bag, how convenient.

9. U- Turn Orbit Basic


For all those Vinyl lovers who claim that the sound is only rich on the record players then this is a perfect gift for that group of people. Most turn tables which are cheap are cheap for a reason, but the Orbit Basic is a different story. Not only is it $179 which for vinyl record is pretty affordable, the sound quality is also
amazing! A great gift option for music lovers.

10. Apple watch


Sure its costly, but is one of those products which in on everyone’s wish list these days, so chances are that whomever you gift this to will thoroughly enjoy it. As the name suggests it works with the iPhone and is of a unique design which not only looks expensive but feels expensive as well, it retails for $349, certainly not the cheapest item but a great investment and makes for a gift for a special someone.

11. Fuji Instax Mini 70.


This instant camera was designed to fully cater to our basic selfie needs, this camera features a small mirror next to the lens to make sure that you look nice, it comes with a timer, an automatic exposure control mode and selfie smart mode which automatically adjusts to make your photos magic instantly. It is a great gift for your girlfriend or your daughter and retails for $125.

12. Razor Hovertrax


Probably the most sought after Christmas gift this year has to be the Razor Hovertax, and why wouldn’t it be, its super fun and a completely new product that we in the 90s could only dream about. The Razor Hovertax is similar to the Segway but doesn’t have the handles, it can carry around 220 pounds of weight and can go as fast as 6 miles per hour. The battery on this lasts around 2 hours and its retails for $599. It can be a great gift for anyone who previously enjoyed roller skating or ice skating, basically it is a great gift for anyone special to you.

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