Top Smartphones of 2015 With The Best Camera

Having a good camera is a big deal for many users out there, especially who have a passion for photography and videography.

Smartphones have come a very long way. I you remember back in the day the only camera that came with phones was VGA, which was absolutely pathetic. A scanner scanned a better quality image than the VGA cameras, however it would be wrong to disregard them to such extent because, well they were the pioneers of the camera we have today.

The major upgrade which stayed in cameras for a while was the 2MP, which was then upgraded to 5MP and then 8 MP. Now it’s a whole other story, the sky is the limit.

So if you are someone who likes taking good quality photos then here are a number of phones you should consider


1) iPhone 6s

The best smartphone out there in terms of photography is undoubtedly the iPhone 6s released by Apple in September. Now a lot of people would argue with me on this, so I decided to put it to the test. I used a number of phones and checked their camera results in daylight, night light, dark and low lighting and all sort of lighting possible and the thing which stood out on the iPhone 6s was its ability to adapt the quickest to change in lighting as well as skin tones, it made each picture look as if taken by a proper SLR. The 6s comes equipped with a 12MP camera which takes bright, crisp and professional quality photos. However one downside to this is that the image saved is naturally of a larger size, hence if you are thinking about buying a 16 GB phone then keep in mind that storage might be an issue in the longer term.

The front camera is 5MP, which I believe is more important these days due to the rise in ‘selfies’. I believe this is particularly helpful to those who like vlogging on the go, it is able to record high definition videos with great sound quality, also another fun fact is that the uploaded photo and video taken from the 6s is phenomenal. Take that all those people saying ‘the photo only looks good because of the high quality screen’

2) Google Nexus 6P

Now if you are someone who prefers androids over the iOS, what is wrong with you? Just kidding! The Google Nexus 6P is equipped with a camera like no other which a lot of users swear by. Naturally I had to test it out, and so that’s exactly what I did. It comes with a 12.3 MP camera and is well known for it ability to focus on the very nittiest of the grittys. I tested the camera by focusing it on text and then on to a person and I have to say it was pretty quick to autofocus, pretty impressive for a 500$ phone I have to say. Due to the large pixel size it does particularly well in shooting in low light, and generates high quality photos and videos, and is a very close runner up to the iPhone 6s.

3) Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung has finally after a setback has come back into the race with its S6 Edge Plus, not only is the built of the phone super sexy, it takes highly sensual photos if I say so myself. If you are a video person then this is the way to go. The quality of video is super crisp full high definition, also the uploaded quality is top notch. I am a fan of the quality of audio, it is comparable to a boom mic over your head. The phone offers optical image stabilization. If you have a YouTube channel then vlogging can be made super easy as this phone offers built in live streaming to Youtube.

4) iPhone 6 plus

The iPhone 6 plus is no shocker, it is an amazing phone with a standout operating system, if you think the iPhone 6 was a killer then the plus version is the Alpha, the camera on the phone has killer face detection called ‘focus pixels’. Point the camera at anything and anyone and it will instantly focus giving sharp results, this can be seen best in low lighting, where the 6 plus beats it rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S6. Another great feature on this phone is how quickly it stabilizes the video even when you shake the camera it a little more than necessary.

5) HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire eye is a great phone for regular selfie takers, now usually when you take selfies the quality is lower than the photo taken from the back camera which is kind of a bummer especially when you want to upload that photo to Instagram and you want your picture to look top notch, so HTC took it upon themselves to address this first world problem many of us face by introducing a 13MP front and back camera. Though 13 MP may sound like overkill, this high resolution allows you to crop way into the picture

6) LG G4

This phone not only kills in looks, it takes killer photos, it has been criticized for being too similar to its predecessors however I would like to argue that the previously released versions were on point hence a total redesign was not necessary which LG hasn’t done, they’ve played the cards just right and have brought in the G4 with lots to offer. The pictures on this phone look like art masterpieces largely because of the high screen resolution offered and also because of the great camera on the phone which takes amazing quality pictures in low light. It is particularly good at face detection and takes incredible pictures through the front camera in low lighting. Another great plus for this phone is the affordability compared to some other great phones featured on this list.

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