Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers of 2015

Now that the year is coming to an end people will search all sorts of crazy top 10’s. One of the most popular top ten is how much money celebrities make in a year. Since the social media boom many youtubers have come a long way from being just your regular YouTube stars to becoming international sensations.


This year saw how many youtubers increased their earnings by selling all sorts of pointless merchandise to their fans, ranging from calendars, books, to limited edition t shirts and beanies, makeup and bath products and what not.

As it is many youtubers had  made a stable earning through YouTube, this year really saw a hike in earnings for many, first off the YouTube viewership increased since 2014, which meant more traffic which meant more adverts and hence more money.

Forbes recently released a list of the highest earning YouTube stars  each with a pre-tax figure of how much they get each year through their channels – with some earning more than movie stars.

So if you’re still unsure how it is people make money on Youtube then here is a cheeky intro for you. Brands sponsor many YouTube stars to feature their products in their videos, now this could be in the form of sending free products to them , or offering them to become their brand ambassador and can also offer incentives like commission on each product sold if the traffic is coming in through a specific YouTube channel. Also when you have a significant amount of subscribers brands would want to place ads on your channel, which also contributes to your earning, the higher the views the more likely it is for Youtubers to bag higher paying ad companies.

YouTube stars also earn through paid meet and greets like Vidcon and other such events where a ticket needs to be purchased. Recently a lot of YouTube stars came out with their very own books and merchandise which they promote themselves as sort of a laid back and chill sort of advertisement.

So now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get on with the highest earning YouTube stars;

  1. Rosanna Pansino:

Has an estimated earnings of around $2.5 million, has 4.8 million followers and over 1 billion views. Wow if I had something such killer on my resume I would walk out of the interview thinking; “I got this in the bag!”

Now if you have no clue who Rosanna is then we’re here to tell you, she runs a popular channel called Nerdy Mummies where she makes and cooks super hero themed food. Gaming is a very popular topic on YouTube where millions of nerds find people just like them, it’s basically a nerd orgy if you will. This Nerdy Mommy makes all sorts of things keeps a gaming theme and is pretty much rolling in millions!

  1. Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood proves that pissing people off does pay, he reportedly collected $2.5 million in 2015, has over 7 million subscribers and over billion of views. This guy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to pissing the crap out of people, and needless to say his videos are highly addictive. He’s made prank videos like killing his own child, Inviting people to plot a murder, and even pranked his girlfriend’s mom that he and his girlfriend were releasing a sex tape. This guy has some serious balls.

  1. Lilly Singh or Superwoman

Superwoman is hilarious, she makes skit videos ranging from annoying people at the movies to types of teenagers. She also features react videos where she dresses up as her parents and reacts to various raunchy videos released by musicians. She also was reported to have earned over $2.5 million in 2015,with over 7 million subscribers.

  1. Michelle Phan

Michelle fan reportedly earned $3 million by  just showing people how to put makeup on! She started off quite early when YouTube was still new and not as big as it is today. Some of her most popular videos include; how to get the Barbie look which has over 62 million views, just let that sink in! 62 million is a lot! The girl has now transformed herself into a brand which is one of the many perks of being a YouTube sensation. She has her own cosmetics range, and runs a subscription beauty box service called ipsy.

  1. KSI

Another person who made himself millions by just playing games all day is KSI. He started uploading footage of himself playing FIFA games and commenting on them, because FIFA games are already so popular he was one of the very few who popped on search engines at the time and basically got lucky, everything else from there is just history. KSI has reportedly earned around $4.5 million through YouTube and has over 10 million subscribers

  1. Rhett and Link

With 3.7 million subscribers and $4.5 million in the bank, these are not just famous, they are super famous! The Duo make funny music videos, over the top but hilarious skits and sketches which keep the viewer interested and keeps them coming back for more. Their most popular video is titled Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs Geek with 27m views. These guy have proved that you don’t always need a lot of subscribers to earn more, the most important part is sponsorships by brands which make you the real winner.

  1. Lindsey Sterling

Ever imagine telling your mom that you don’t want to go to college but play violin instead and upload that to YouTube, well am sure your mom would flip, pretty Lindsay went through the same dilemma but today the girl is rolling in mils! She reportedly earned over $6 million in 2015 and has over 7 million subscribers with 1.1 billion views! They way she presents her videos is unlike anyother which makes her a very unique act on YouTube, she covers many popular songs in her videos, and also covers video game theme songs. Don’t know about you but anything remotely related to video games seems like a winner to me!

  1. The fine brothers

The fine brothers need no introduction, I can bet at least once in your YouTube life you have come across a video by the fine brothers. These guys are known for their viral react videos, which have different age brackets reacting to viral pop culture to movies, and  songs, and all sorts of stuff. So they have a kids react, a teens react, youtubers react, and elders react. My favorite is the elders react, those guys are just so much fun! These Fine Bros reportedly earned over $8 million in 2015, which am sure is more than what many celebrities make in a year, unless you’re Taylor Swift of course. They have over 13.3 million people following their videos and have over 3.4 billion views, I don’t know about you but typing 3.4 billion gave me chills.

  1. Smosh

Smosh needs no introduction. These guys made over $8.5 million in 2015 and have over 21.3 million subscribers. These guys even managed to get Emma Watson to be in one of their videos! Their parody videos of video games, movies and popular television shows have made them into internet superstars. They have a loyal fan base which contribute to their 4.8 billion views so far

  1. PwediePie

And you’ve guessed correctly, Pwediepie is the topper of the list with over around 40 million subscribers and reported $12 million earnings in 2015. This Swedish guy used to sell hotdogs for a living and was barely making rent, now is a multimillionaire. The main reason why he is so popular with fans is because of his quirky dim witted personality which just gets you! He claims to be a little shy in person but transforms into this hyper guy in his videos, whatever it is, good on him! So if you haven’t guessed already he makes gaming videos, and his fan base so strong that many companies had to release a few games because of the increase in their popularity thanks to this guy.

So if you’re unsure what you want to be in the future, you’ll also have to consider becoming a YouTuber!

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