Swipe left or Right Based on Spotify, Sincerely Bumble


Having a good taste in music definitely amps up ones sex appeal and finding a person who shares similar taste in music definitely can lighten up a bad day.

Currently Bumble- the popular dating app – boasts  of having 5.5 million users with 1.1 million using the app on the daily, and on average each user spends 100 minutes on the app. Now I’m not someone who uses dating apps (probably because I’ve always been in a long term intense relationship) so I think 100 minutes are quite a lot, I’m sure many would disagree with me but if you could meet the girl or guy of your dreams on the app then 100 minutes of your day is merely a short term investment bearing quite fruitful results, in short you get your money’s worth, however if you end up meeting a psycho who happens to strangle you with your purse in the car, I feel it might not be a good investment after all. But us humans like seeing the positive side of things so I’ll keep it light hearted for you; it will be all rainbows and butterflies!

Now to plant more trees in paradise, Spotify has taken upon themselves to make it easier for you to plant the root. Spotify has teamed up with bumble which allows the user to sync your Spotify playlists on the bumble profile – showing your top artists that you enjoy listening to – so anyone browsing through might have rejected you because of your dull profile but if you have a good taste in music you might not fall victim of being “swiped”.

Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe told The Huffington Post:

“For us, it’s all about giving our users more fun and meaningful ways to connect,” she said. “Music has such convening power and we’re excited to see what insights come from users connecting based on a shared love of music.”

This is a cool feature that allows users to get to know a little bit more about the user, also helps to match people based on their music preference which could be a great ice breaker. Imagine scrolling through and you come across someone who listens to radio head and you’re automatically 10 times more attracted to them. Also someone could have the most attractive picture but you discover they have Friday by Rebecca Black on their playlist, that my friend could be a deal breaker.


Spotify further plans to improve this brilliant new feature by allowing users to only make those playlists public on the app which they feel are appropriate and would hopefully help in finding the one or just getting laid.

I feel the new music feature is great, not only does it help you find compatible mates but also leads you to discovering new music that you could fall in love with, it’s like waking up on Christmas morning!

The sudden partnering of Bumble with Spotify wasn’t all that sudden, it was all organic and was in the talks for over a year by some bumble employees with their Spotify mates. If this partnership leads to a more magical match making experience then it could be the start of something new for dating apps.


Back in the day users had to write down each and everything to describe themselves and what they liked, which worked out in favor for people who were good with words but most people left those blank and it wasn’t all the interesting. But now if the idea bears more fruit then  it could lead to people sharing their favorite restaurants, hang out spots, travel diaries or wishlists etc. the dating app could become a Facebook for users, not only will this make  ‘find the one’ experience a whole lot enjoyable and authentic but it will increase the amount of time a user spends on the app. A win win for all. Guess 100 minutes won’t be enough after all!


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