Kim K Sells Her Assets Again

If you were Kim K then you too would claim that everything you do breaks the internet, her butt claimed to break the online world, and then she went on Ellen to prove that her butt was real by getting an X-ray done which showed a very mysterious looking object in her butt (mmm implants) which she claimed she has no idea what it was, sorry Kim we’re not buying it!


In recent news, Kim has once again claimed to “break the apple store” as her personalized emoji app went live which she is calling “kimoji” now I don’t know who these people are who literally sit and wait to watch her every move, but I swear to God these people need a hobby!

This time Kim K is expanding her empire $1.99 at a time, her over the top app allows users to choose from over 250 emoticons, which include her “original born with it” butt, her engagement ring, her lips, and basically all her assets, and they say objectifying women is wrong (where is that crying laughing emoji when you need it)?!


“Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!!” she wrote. “I can’t believe so many people downloaded my KIMOJI app that it affected the entire app store!”


Going back to the app, the emojis can be downloaded only by Apple users, now I won’t say that Apple is the best brand ever but TAKE that android users! HA


The users can use the app in-sync with WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger. The emojis are small cartoon like images of the reality TV star. When the app went live on the App store Kim K tweeted that so many people were downloading the app that Apples app store was said to have slowed down, now again I don’t know how she came up with that methodology because we’ve known Apple to be very discrete about what they do and how they do it, and for them to reveal to Miss Kim K (even though she’s famous and everything) that it was because of her app the servers crashed and the app store slowed down, seems very unlikely.

“Ahhhhhhhh I still can’t believe we broke the entire App Store!!!! #KIMOJI,” she tweeted.


Now BBC took matters in their own hands and investigated further into the claim made by the reality Tv star, they contacted Rahul Joshi, managing director of The App Geeks who said “It’s not unusual for the App Store to go down” he further said the app store went down thrice in October, one of the reasons why the server slows down is because too many people are on it, naturally or it could slow down if there is maintenance going on, “There are other reasons why it might have gone down such as maintenance. But the maintenance would be a bit of coincidence.” He said

Some people even claimed that they couldn’t find the app on the store, now when a developer submits the app to the app store they also have to provide certain keywords in order to make the app searchable, “Kardashian is quite a long name so they may not have been able to include all the keywords they wanted to allow people to find the app. That might mean I’m in the US and I’m able to download it, but if I’m a follower of hers in Brazil and I try and download her app from the Brazilian App Store I can’t find it because it’s not yet appeared,” says Rahul.

The Kimoji app was produced and developed by Los- Angeles based media company Whelerock Industries, the same company which had previously developed an app for the Kardashians that allows their fans to be able to get a closer look into their lives, as if the reality TV wasn’t a closer enough look.

The previously developed apps were released for Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Those self-titled apps are a dream come true for hardcore and rather nosy Kardashian fans, as it allows them to see some exclusive videos, photos and live streaming done by each sister, so it’s more like vlogging their lives themselves rather than being filmed, sounds different right?!

Kim K also has developed a hit mobile game in partnership with Glu Mobile which is also available for download.

The Kimoji app adds to the whole Kim K empire but is limited in terms of functionality compared to her dedicated follow me around app and also her gaming app. However I will say that the whole idea behind the app is pretty “dope” that’s how Kanye West himself put it, as he tweeted that he’s very proud of his wife and the emoji app idea is “dope”.

And I agree, I use a ton of emoji whilst texting, and sometimes my texts are just emojis, so having an app which has cool emojis I’m all for it, however I don’t know if I’d be willing to buy it! The reality TV star hasn’t faced any criticism on keeping the app as a paid one, but she and her other popular sisters received a major back lash earlier this year for charging a monthly subscription fee for their personalized follow me around apps.


However mommy Kris spoke out against the critique saying; “Each of them has employed teams of editors and videographers to work with them in shooting, curating and creating experiences to share with fans, capturing their passions, unique voices, experiences, lessons and likes.”

So the question is, did Kim K break the app store or not? Probably not but the app did rank at the top of the top ten paid apps on Apple’s app store

Was it a publicity stunt? Probably yes! And it has definitely worked in her favor

Is the app worth it? Definitely, it’s very wantable, even if you’re not a Kardashian fan.

The app however is available for download for people who are 17 and older as it does have some sexual and somewhat nude cartoon images!

What do you think?

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