How To Make Money From Your Blog

The internet is a fascinating place in today’s world, so many endless opportunities and new ways of making money whilst sitting in the comfort of your home!


Who knew we’d have Instagram models, Youtuber turned celebrities and bloggers? and because of the success of all these interment personalities there is an influx in the blogging community worldwide, naturally. Everyone is trying to be the exception and is trying t make it, and I don’t blame these people a bit, I mean the “rags to riches” stories of many popular YouTube stars and bloggers are quite intriguing and lead all of us to believe in the “everything is possible” theory


One of the most asked questions on Google for this year has to be “how much money can one make from a blog?”

Now to answer that question is pretty tricky because it all depends on the blog, the presentation the quality of content, the frequency of content and how the blog has been monetized. Taking all these factors into consideration the earnings greatly vary from blogger to blogger.


Some blog topics are more popular than others whilst some are more unique compared to others, so one can’t really say how much money you could actually make from a blog, as it is a very thoughtful question and as it is not a salaried job so we can’t in most times be sure how much a blogger actually makes, and most bloggers are very discrete about their monthly income so good luck getting a blogger to spill how much they make!

According to the 2015 Women’s Blogging Industry and Business Annual Report — a survey of thousands of bloggers by iBlog magazine — very few bloggers earn much. In fact:

• Only 11% of respondents earned more than $30,000
• 68% earned less than $5,000
• And 57% made less than $2,500


Whilst, some bloggers earn six-figure incomes and 6% of respondents indicated they make over $60,000 annually.
So you can see how the income graph varies from blogger to blogger, now having said that I don’t want to discourage new bloggers out there who are looking to make a few extra bucks on the side , although I would like to keep it as real as possible for you; it takes time and commitment to actually make a little bit of money through blogging, the driving force here is passion which I feel is key in any kind of work you opt to do in the future.

Full time vs. part time blogging

Now there are typically two types of bloggers,

1. Who do it because they enjoy it as a hobby
2. Because they want to make a living out it

Now most of us start blogging as a hobby, I know I did, and so when someone says “oh you can make money out of it” we get curious and make the biggest mistake of all time which eventually makes us demotivated i.e evaluating the worth of your blog on how much money you’re making!

Now I would like to say that I myself have made this mistake and suffered because that made blogging less enjoyable and more like a burden, the key to finding success is to enjoy what you do, hence when you start blogging as a hobby pay no head to people who say “well how much are you making though” or “are you not making any money” do it for you and overtime people will start reading what you write on your blog.

Now there are some key things that you should note:

You will not make money overnight, you are going to have to work your way to the top, you take blogging as a job then you’re going to have to treat it as a job, you’ll have to give it proper time and concentration.
Now getting to the part “whether you can actually make money through your blog”

Gain followers:

First things first, you’re going to have to establish a niche and your blog should convey the whole message and purpose of your blog to your readers, so if you are writing about current affairs stick to that, if you enjoy talking about sports stick to that and soon you’ll have an audience who will enjoy reading to your blog. You can provide your followers an option to subscribe to your blog so each time you post they know that new content is up live.



Monetizing your blog is extremely important because that is what helps your site rank on google so higher the rank, higher the chances of people actually visiting your site

Place ads:

Now it usually takes a year for a site to actually gain a bit of traffic, it could be less depending upon how good you are. Once you feel you have a decent number of followers then you could submit your blog for review to place ads. A very good platform to start with is Google Adsense, they review your blog and usually contact you within 3 to 4 working days. If your blog gets approved for adsense google will give you access to an adsense account from where you can get ad codes to place on your blog. Placing ads automatically doesn’t make you rich it depends on how many clicks the ad receives and so income is based on per click basis from which google deducts its share, so at first you may only make peanuts but it’s something right?


Spread the word:

The more well-known your blog becomes the better it will be earning income wise, so it is best if you bring in your A game when it comes to social media optimization, have ab dedicated Facebook page, Instagram page, a twitter, Pintrist and Snapchat, let’s not forget the importance of Snapchat these days. Sometime when the social media presence becomes very strong it would be possible for you to get contracts with the brands or companies whose products your promote or review, which will also bring in some side income. If you are a writer you could make money by selling ebooks, which have proved to be pretty successful for many people.

So to answer the bigger question here: whether you will be able to make money; YES! BUT not overnight it will take time so patience is key.


Should you quit your job and make blogging your job: well not right away, because blogging doesn’t give you a stable source of income so it wouldn’t be the wisest decision to quit your day job just yet, start it as a hobby and later on when you feel that what you make from blogging is enough to support you, it would be fitting then only to quit and dedicate more time to your blog to double your income!
Best of luck!


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