Highest Paying Jobs In America Today

If you are at the starting point in your career or you are still a student still trying to figure things out that what it is you really want to do with your life, you have most probably found asking yourself this question; how to make a lot of money? Keeping it real fir you, there are very few jobs that pay you for doing nothing, unless of course if you have healthy trust fund then in that case you’re covered for a couple of years. But most of us mere mortals don’t have a trust fund, and we have to earn to make  a living, here are some of the professions you can peruse in the future based on the annual earnings and the level of effort you’re going to have to put in;


  1. Surgeon

The career with the highest annual median wage is that  of a surgeon, reportedly surgeons in the US made around $352,220, there is an 18-20% growth expected in this particular field. Being a surgeon not only makes you rich, but makes you well respected among friends and family, however it is one of those fields where specialized skill are required, and one has to go through tough college life to actually get an MBBS degree, plus it takes around 10 after grad school to actually become a practicing surgeon, so there is indeed a lot of money but the amount of hard work and extra hours required to become one and climb to the top is one bumpy ride.

  1. Psychiatrist

Staying in the medical field another area where one can earn quite a healthy livelihood is to become a shrink, no matter how much you hate them these people charge a whole lot for each session, to become one you need to get a medical degree but the road is definitely less bumpier. Plus they have quite well defined office timings compared to surgeons. On average they earn around $181,880 annually.

  1. Physician

Again to become a physician you require a lot of tough studying, plus it costs a lot to actually become a doctor and by the time you finish you do have quite a lot of student loan which you need to pay off. One good thing us that they have well defined working hours and once established moey is not an issue, plus many physicians can give a high quality life to their children. On average they earn $180,000 annually.

  1. Senior level corporate executive

The top level management of a company is paid quite handsomely. Their annual medin earning are estimated to be as high as $173,000. However with great power comes great responsibility, like doctors senior level management does have to spend a large amount of their day in the office behind the desk, which leaves them very little time to actually enjoy the money they earn, however they can provide a high quality of life to their children. To become a senior level employee there is tough competition and the schooling is far from easy, but if you think you can do it then go for it.



  1. Dentist

When I was a kid I was always fascinated by dentists, I always thought of them of being very brave, and call them brave because I will never want to touch or see the inside of someone else’s mouth. Gross! However these people also have to go through a rigorous schooling but they have fewer working hours compared to surgeons and physicians but they still manageme to make around $146,000 on average annually.


  1. Petroleum engineer

Engineers make up a massive part of the economy in industrial countries, a petroleum engineers job is tough and is a risky job as well however the pay scales are quite attractive. The subject you need to study are not everyone’s cup of tea as they are math and physics which are among the least favorite of many high school students. They make a yearly average income of $130,000, but is one of those jobs where the future is always bright with a 26% growth potential in salaries in years to come.

  1. Data scientist

In the present day world companies spend a large amount of their budget on research and development, hence the job market for data scientists is pretty bright. In 2015 the reported earnings for data scientists were about $124,150 annually. However research work is not always the best, it is grunt work and takes a lot of time patience, I mean you just cant google it now can you?!

  1. Air traffic controller

Jobs like these have been mate automated but to ensure that the quality is maintained people are still hired for them, and are paid quite a lot for it too, mainly because it is a high stress job and there are no room for errors. On average air traffic controllers make $122,340 annually.

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