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If you are new to the industry, let me help you out by first telling you that it is very important to select the best web hosting company for your domain hosting. After years of experience in the server hosting industry, we have compiled a chart of the top web hosting providers to date. Like always, it is important to read web hosting reviews in order to make a logical decision based on your needs.

The chart presented is designed to help make your decision easy. There are thousands of server hosting companies to choose from but after years in the business we feel that these are the best web hosting providers.   

What Is Shared Server Hosting?

shared-server-hostingShared server hosting is when a group of multiple web users share a single server for domain hosting. The websites are typically owned by different people that also use different domain names. Shared servers are typically used by people with personal blogs or small businesses. One of our favorites for blog hosting is bluehost

VPS Server Hosting And Why It Is Used

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is used by individuals who have scoured web hosting vps-serverreviews, and are looking to have more advanced functions and space. It is a combination of both shared hosting, as well as dedicated hosting in that you are sharing a virtual server, but you have the ability to install your own software and have a separate operating system from others on the virtual server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Servers are physical, yet they are only dedicated to your website or sites only. This means you do not share with others, which makes your website more secure as your data cannot be affected by other websites. It is suggested that you consult with a system administrator to set this up based on your hosting specifications.

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