Best Headphones To Gift at Christmas

Tis the season of celebrations and festivities, Tis is also the season when your bank balance gets a massive hit in the nuts and recovers around same time next year when the season comes back all over again. It’s a never ending cycle really but we all love it, it is what makes America great and keeps the billion dollar industry going, right? I tell that to myself at least, makes me go to sleep at night.

So Christmas indeed is the time where give and receive all the things we don’t actually need but we actually secretly do need. Today I will listing a number of gift worthy headphones that would make impeccable gifts for your loved ones!


Beats Studio Wireless:

While it’ll cost you a hefty $380 the Beats Studio Wireless headphones are worth the splurge. The sound quality is super good and the look of the headphones is pretty retro and up to the current taste. These are supported on your phone or device by connecting through Bluetooth and I kid your not are incredibly comfortable over the ears headphones out there. They are also available in a number of colors so it depends whether you’re buying for baba or baby!

Plantronics BackBet Sense:

When I first saw these I thought they were selling airplane headphones for 200 a pop, and I remember thinking “what is wrong with people, who wants to buy airplane headphones” it was then I was corrected by my brother who told me that he has these and they are beyond amazing, and fun fact these are not headphones that you’ll d=find on air planes, just throwing it out there. So once I saw these out of the box I felt stupid for calling them ugly, these are not shaped like your typical modern over the ear headphones, they have a retro feel almost a character to them and look Instagram worthy on, I feel they would make a great prop for pictures which people upload to Instagram captioning ‘items in my travel bag’ very tumblr indeed. Anyway the sound quality is pretty decent on these and I feel the sound quality is better than many other expensive ones out there, plus they are wireless.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless

My sister got me these headphone on my birthday, and the first thing that popped in my mind as soon as I saw them was 50 cent, I don’t know why and I have no clue how, I’m not even a 50 cent fan but I feel I would totally wear them as an assessor and go all find me in da club. Anyway, back to planet normal, in other news these are a bit on the pricier side but the sound quality on these is absolutely impeccable and these will make for a great gift.

Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth:

If you feel that whomever you are shopping for is not a fan of over the ear headphones, personally am not the hugest fan , I like mine in small doses but after sometime they get a little uncomfortable on the head plus you can’t lie down on one side with them on, so the Bose SoundLink On ear headphones are the way to go, they just cover the ears and don’t feel heavy on the head, they have a pretty comfortable wear and the sound quality is simply outstanding, plus I like the look of these headphones they remind me of the 90’s when people would wear their fluffy earmuffs at the airport and I would feel so jealous and beg my mom to get me one even though I lived in a tropical area, you can’t blame me, the heart wants what it wants!

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

These are a perfect gift for people who like their music on the run or at the gym, or who just don’t like the huge over the ear headphone feel on their head. To be frank over the ear headphones at the gym would look pretty mental, I’m not throwing any “shade” at people who enjoy wearing them at the gym but I have a small pea sized head so I have the right to complain, anyway if you know someone with similar “small head” issues or someone who likes to work out these are perfect. Plus sound quality is praise worthy.

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless.

These bad boys are a tank of a headphone, I call them the junkie headphones, not because ive seen people who enjoy their weed a lot (and I mean a LOT) wear them, of course not, but because they just make you lose yourself in yourself and the music. I once sat next to guy on the plane wearing these sharks and I wanted to ask him to close the window in flight because the sun was directly hitting my face, and this guy had his eyes closed and he could not hear anything, he was lost in his music, and so I had to tap his shoulder to bring him back to life, so if you know someone who likes getting lost In music, these will be a perfect gift, basically the moral of my story is this; great gift option.

Creative sound blaster Jam

So these are a perfect gift for someone who is your friend but not your best friend, they previously got you a nice gift last Christmas so now you basically owe them one too, well these are $50 and are wireless and re amazing for the money.

Plantronics Backbeat Pro:

Another set of headphones by Plantronics which will make a great holiday gift are the Backbeat pro. These are bit heavy on the head so not everyone’s cup of tea, but great for your bid headed friend, these are a bit pricey but have amazing sound quality and praise worthy noise cancellation

Frends Headphones

While these might not be the best quality headphones out there in terms of audio quality, they are the ones which look pretty, hence a perfect gift for your lady friends. They come in different colors but the most popular one has to be the rose gold ones. There also many other colors to choose from and are super pretty. They have a very Vogue look to them and are definitely want able by the ladies. So if you want to win at gift giving contest, I suggest these are the way to go.

Audio Technica Sonic Pro

I call them the hipster headphones, these hands down have to be the best headphone in terms of sound, and comfort under 250 bucks. Everything about these headphones is on fleek, and will make a great gift for anyone who likes listening music on over the ear headphones!

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