Become a millionaire by modeling on Instagram!

Before the age of social media making big bucks by just sitting at home was something very alien and was only for the privileged. And sitting at home and becoming a model was something no one could have ever imagined would happen, I mean no one back in the 90’s or even early 2000’s would have imagined that someone could become as big and rich as Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell.


Thankfully the world has progressed and we live in the age of social media where chances of finding your prince charming are still pretty low, but chances of making big bucks is definitely possible.

Instagram has taken over the younger and older generation and has become a mode of advertisements for many brands. So there is this category on Instagram which I like to call “the rich kids” they’re always uploading the latest of everything, be it clothes, shoes, accessories, just about everything, well chances are they get sent all that expensive stuff and also get paid for wearing it and posing in it in pictures! Talk about being lucky!


So here is how the rich kids operate, now not everyone is raking in the big bucks, because we might live in the age of possibilities but money still isn’t growing out on tress (something to work on scientists, it’s about time), so when a person gains a significant amount of followers on Instagram, and I don’t mean just fake followers because its weird when 1 million people follow you and you get 1000 likes on your pictures, No I mean legit followers who like, comment and share your page with fellow instagramers, those are the people who get approached by brands to actually model stuff for them and they get paid t do so.

Ever imagined that NEXT model management would be recruiting people off of social media rather than models coming to the, ah the power of social media!

There are many instagramers for as full time models, and I’m pretty sure you’ve ran into at least one in your lifetime on Instagram. These people are hard to miss and easy to spot. These self-proclaimed models advertise all sorts of stuff, so there are many girls who have become ffiliates for a number of cosmetic brands, and receive a large amount of their makeup as promotional samples from brands, where they try out the makeup and post pore-less makeup selfies on Instagram, which are close to perfection to say the least. The thing with such advertisement is that it is coming from someone like you and me and hence believable therefore very effective.

Justin Livingston just your regular guy back in 2012 made an Instagram account where he posted photos of himself wearing hip clothes for men, now works as a full time Instagram model and now models for high end brands like Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange etc, these brands not only send him clothes but pay him to post pictures wearing those clothes and pay him to attend parties and events organized by them.


Since then many agencies have sprung up which that manage people like Justin, by matching them with brands looking to widen their reach. Brian DiFeo started The Mobile Media Lab, an agency that helps matching Instagram model or influencers with brands. DiFeo reported that people with about 200,000 followers can make anywhere between $5,000 to $7,500 per month.


Another young self-proclaimed model is Gabrielle Epstein, who claims that she makes more money in a day than a professional working model would make in a week, her point was that most of the income earned by professional models is share between the model and the agency and s the model is left with very little money, the 21 year old has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and posts pictures of her in her everyday life alongside product placements, her photos rake in about 25,000 plus likes, and if someone gets these many likes on their photos brands go all nuts for them, it’s a no brainer situation really as brands are selling to an already set audience so capturing the market part is eliminated which again saves brands a whole lot on advertisements, Gabrielle promotes many clothing, cosmetics jeweler brands, she has also advertised for companies manufacturing different types of drinks.

Companies are willing to pay a large sum of money depending upon the models follower base and how effective it actually is, so it could be a one off deal or it could be a campaign featuring multiple posts over a period of time.

A large number of bloggers have criticized this way of making money online and many are claiming Instagram models to be “fake” and “worthless sluts” and many have claimed that they “pimp themselves” to make money just like adult film stars.

Recently an Instagram model Essena O’neil who was a major hit with her followrs and a favorite of many brands had a reality check and deleted about 2000 photos of herself and re-captioned the remaining pictures, and changed the name of her page to “Social Media Is Not Real Life.”


O’Neil has also created a website called “Let’s Be Game Changers,” where she hopes to inspire youth to live their most authentic lives. Though her step is largely positive it is also discouraging and gives many people the idea that bashing girl who wish to pursue the Instagram model life as career is the right thing to do!

I personally think there is nothing wrong with promoting yourself and making money that way, just because there is someone professional to take a photo of a model naked in a studio doesn’t mean that they are not pimping out their bodies, I feel working from home on your own terms Is far better than having a whole studio full of people watching your every move, plus I would argue that one can edit their photos however they like.

Many people have criticized that Instagram models are ugly and use Photoshop to make them look pretty, well DUH what do you think Vogue Magazine has been doing all these years?

Most Instagram models have set their own terms and conditions as to what products they would like promote and how they would promote them, the brands usually don’t play any role in how the picture looks and how it is shot, it is up to the model as to how they would like to advertise the photo, which again is a plus as compared to professional models.

What are your thoughts?

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