Apple Does It Again – This Time Secretly

Remember back in high school your girlfriends would ask you what type of prom dress you were going to wear but you never really gave them a straight answer because you wanted it to be a surprise!?

Well it won’t be too wrong to say that the technology world is a bigger high school for nerdy grownups, who don’t like sharing what they’re going to be presenting at the science fare.


Apple the king of kings, the slayer of many is reportedly up to something in Taiwan. It has recently been reported that Apple has bought a secret warehouse where they are working to develop LDC and OLED screen technologies for upcoming iPhones and iPhone S’s, reported by Bloomberg yesterday.

The secret warehouse is being kept udder the wraps and is quite a “hush hush” news, as there are no Apple logos outside the facility. Around 50 engineers have been hired and are reported to be working in developing this state of the art technology for better screens in Apple devices. The facility was previously owned by Qualcomm, and Apple has reportedly employed local engineers from display maker AU Optronics and Qualcomm.

It is also being reported that the whole purpose of this rendezvous (should we call it that? – I reckon so) is to conduct research in order to achieve a lighter, thinner, brighter and a more energy efficient product.

This move by Apple is definitely a smart one I feel like, because every now and then Samsung releases a new phone and is taking the global market by storm, we could argue that people prefer Apple over Samsung, but it would be wrong in saying that Apple is currently the world leader. I’m a huge fan of Apple products but I personally would like to see some changes in their future products. Take the iPhone 6s for example, great it has some pretty cool features but I feel like the reasons to update my iPhone 6 or 5s for that matter to a 6s is quite stupid, unless of course you have a contract renewal coming up, then saying No would be stupid. The point being a WOW factor is definitely much needed by Apple and it is needed fast if they want people who just bought the iPhone 6s to go like “Damn I should have waited for the 7th’”

Apple is trying to create its niche by improving on what they already have, and I don’t mind that at all, I feel such strategies help in creating a loyal consumer base gives the user that familiarity with the phone or any other Apple device, however I also feel that Apple has been playing it safe for a while now and they really badly need a BOOM.

The work cut out for those 50 engineers won’t be easy, I’m betting. The work is said to includes both LCD and OLED displays. OLED screens don’t need a backlight, so can be made thinner than LCDs and thinner is sexier, in tech at least. Such technology was first used by Apple in the Apple watch and the Company now wishes to incorporate this technology into its other products.

While all this research is great, I feel that Apple should also focus on becoming more price competitive like its competitors. I feel with every new phone that comes out the price goes up, same is with their laptops, for once I would like something that doesn’t break the bank overtime I go Apple shopping.

I think that the screen on most Apple products is an absolute delight, the display is sharp and the quality of photo and video is one of a kind, the fact that Apple is improving its screen technology is great, but at the same time I feel that they should also focus on making themselves price competitive. They are improving what they already have, so coming up with more cost efficient parts can’t be the hardest thing they’ll ever had to do, or can it be??

And I am bringing this up again because, if you don’t buy a phone on contract, spending 700$ on a phone is quite a lot, especially when you get something 99% similar for 500$. I’m glad that Apple is developing something new, and being so hush about it. It’s all great, but it would be amazing if research is done to achieve price efficiency.

That would be all folks, let me know what you think about this top secret Apple mission, and whether you would like to pay not $700, not $600 not %500 but $499 for your iPhone 7 next year?

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