An Open Letter to Scientist & Technologists

Just recently almost everyone was praying to Santa to get them what their parents wouldn’t get them in normal days and so I decided that because I don’t celebrate Christmas why don’t I ask science for things I personally wish and think would happen as time progresses, and it’s about time these advancements take place, because as predicted by many that the world is coming to an end, and I wouldn’t argue with that, I mean just see what’s happening in the Middle east , so scientists it’s about time you step on it and get inventing!

So Dearest scientists, these are a few technological advances I’d like to see become a reality in 2016,

1. Self-driving cars

It’s about time we drive in full automatic, cars need to have a next level GPS which would take me where I want to go without having to go through the trouble of driving, I want to sit back relax and maybe have a drink whilst my car drives me to my destination. So word on the street is that Google has announced teaming up with Ford to make that happen, hinting at large-scale commercial production in the near future. I feel there is hope for self-driving cars as the normal cars you can buy today have definitely seen some fancy advancements such as Audi’s Q7 SUV will also brake on behalf of the driver and nudge you back into the correct lane, so yeah there have been tremendous advancements but it’s about time we see some more action!


2. Hotel in space:

As if the self-driving car wasn’t ambitious enough! Well we live in the age of Instagram models so a hotel in space sounds reasonable, right?! There is one Russian company that agrees with this vision of mine called Orbital technologies which believes that it would be sending tourists in space in 2016. Guests would be sent in space through rockets of course unless of course scientists are able to ‘invent’ unicorns then those, but for now rockets. The guests will be accommodated in one of the stations four cabins from where they will enjoy zero gravity feels and the spectacular view of the earth, sounds promising, right, I might just sign up for a toy r us commercial! However Mashable has totted up nine commercial companies planning to send normal people into space over the next decade or so. So that’s something to look forward to!


3. A personal robot assistant

I’m sure many before me have dreamed of having an assistant without any feelings, who is willing to do the work you don’t have time for or you just don’t want to do. Artificial intelligence has been there for a while with many Japanese companies releasing a number of robots to do work that no one has time for but for quite some time many companies have been hesitant to rely on artificial intelligence but as time has progressed there have been advancements in the field and so the possibility of someone scheduling your meetings and going through your emails and arranging them for you before you head in to work sounds more and more real, hopefully we’ll soon have a no nonsense robot in our work place, fingers crossed!


4. Handy solar panels

I live in a city where sun shines bright like a diamond 365 days of the year and so having a solar panel work for you is a major win, and I’m talking about solar panels which you could carry around to charge your phone and your laptops, it would be great not having to carry charges in the bag, I personally hate having anything ‘wirey’ in my bag, it just occupies space and makes everything look super ugly, don’t have time for it and don’t want it, so
portable solar panels seem a good thing to work on, ehh scientists?

5. 3D makeup printer

Now I’ve seen many videos showing printers being able to print make up but where are they? Why aren’t they in the market yet, and I have a gazillion questions! First off how does it work, how much will it cost, what will be the quality if makeup, when can I buy it and how much will it cost me?!


6. Virtually video call

Now VR has been a pretty big thing set to be released and many gaming companies have brought in their A game to it already, but I want to see VR take a step further and into the non-gaming world. Wouldn’t it be cool to actually feel that you are sitting next to the person who you’re talking to online over video call, I mean sure that would take phone sex to a whole different level but just imagine all the possibilities to talk to your loved ones as if there are no distances and you are just right there, imagine how much it would save on air travel, it almost brings tears to my eyes!


7. Spy kids futuristic food maker

Now while we are on the subject of all things highly ambitious I would also like to drop in another request which I feel a lot of young adults would back me up on. If you have watched the spy kids original which came out in 2001 then I’m sure you dint take a lot away from the film but what we all managed to take away was the possibility of having a microwave which would automatically make food appear out of a country flag shaped chip. How cool would that be, I would legit buy it and also pick up chips from all different countries! I’m all for a quick, easy and tasty meal and if there is something which makes my life easier in all for it, sure obesity will reach an all-time high but that’s why scientist also need to come up with healthy weight loss pills! So much work to do so little time!


These were a number of very ambitious inventions that I wish would become a reality in 2016, or if not this year then at least by 2020, fingers crossed!

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