A Customized Check List For Creating Your Very First PBN (Private Blog Network)

Introduction To Creating Your First PBN

Through out this check list I am going to be providing you a guide on the best way that our team has found to create PBNs. We use best practices based on our previous experience and hundreds of $$$ and hours spent creating these beasts.

We will start first with the worst part of the whole process; setting up the hosts where your PBNs will be hosted. This can be very time consuming and difficult if you do not know where to begin.

Note: we suggest that you avoid all hosting providers that state they are SEO hosting providers. If you install a domain on these SEO hosting providers you are an instant target for search engines  to target.


Two different hosting services exist for hosting PBNs both dedicated and shared. If you place your domains on an SEO shared host then you are asking for trouble and your PBN will come crashing down. So stay safe and choose one of the following:

There are several more but these are the ones we recommend.

First Step

Next you will need to create a quality and legitimate persona to go along with your PBN. It is important that each one of these is legitimate and real looking to Google. This persona should also have a location with an address etc. There are many tools out there but you can use one like


You will need to create an email with any of the major providers; google, hotmail, yahoo, AOL or @yourdomainname

Second Step:

Create your email. Choose one of the providers above to create your email account. We suggest that you forward all of your emails to one email to make things nice and easy to you do not have to be going from one email to the next.

Third Step:

If you have not already registered a domain name with registar such as godaddy or enom or any other provider you will need to do so. Login to your registar and change the contact info. You will receive an email confirming the change of your contact details.

Fourth Step:

You must now login to your host provider and go to change the account email to the fake persona’s email that you created. Be sure to save it

Fifth Step:

After changing your email to your persona’s email you can edit your SOA records, which you will find in your cPanel. Most SOA records you can edit in your Advance Zone Editor but if you are not able to find it then reach out to your host provider. Select your domain and edit your .MAIL into your persona’s email.

Sixth Step:


Install a CMS, we suggest something like WordPress on to your site. Be sure to use your persona’s name and email when doing this.

Next go to your dashboard

Settings> general

Change WordPress & Site URL to the best possible extension your domain has.

Change email to the persona email you created

Click Save

Go to Settings> Permalinks

Under the common setting, click post name this will make your URL look clean and well optimized

Click Save

Go to Users> Your Profile

Fill out the profile with all the information that you created the persona with. (this helps leave barely any footprint)

Go to Appearance> themes> add new

Install a good looking theme something that makes the site look legit; business, blog etc.

Go to Appearance> Editor> Footer.php

Edit the Footer Link (<a href=””</a>) in the footer.php file, basically what this does is it allows your PBN to keep all the link juice and not spread to others.


Seventh step now its time to add plugins


We will be adding the following plugins: (choose one random from each section as you create each new PBN)

If you don’t know how to add a plugin you can go to:

plugins>add new

  • All In One SEO
  • SEO Yoast
  • Platinum SEO
  • Link Juice Keeper
  • Backlinks Saver
  • 404 Redirection
  • Acurax social widget
  • floating social media icon
  • shareaholic
  • jetpack
  • Contact form 7
  • Contact form plugin
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-spam Bee-WP Spamshield
  • WP Security
  • WordFence security
  • keep backup daily
  • backup
  • ready! backup
  • simple backup
  • spider spanker
  • link privacy
  • bot nemesis
  • auto terms of service and privacy policy
  • policy generator for adsense
  • oik-privacy policy

 Eight Step he content for your website

When it comes to seeing up your website we suggest that you have some or all of the following: Home, Contact Us, blog, videos, tips, FAQs, services, privacy policy, terms of use service. We suggest that make the pages content riche with anywhere form 300-1000 words. Google likes fresh content so it is important to continue to update them with new content.

Ninth step create an on-page SEO Silo

Silos are created by interlinking your websites pages from one to another. This allows link juice to flow from one page to another.

Add pictures that are related to your niche and content add your alt text and make sure to make it a broad keyword not the exact keyword.

Tenth step choosing a good domain name

You want to start by finding domains with a brand name such as a persons name, a previous business or unique name. The pages that the backlinks come from should have a TF of 10+ and a PA of 20+. It is also extremely important that you review the domain history to find out that it has not been spammed by a previous SEO person. These domains should also be indexed.

Some tools that you can use to help you search the metrics of the domains majesticSEO, opensiteexplorer, AHREFS, Netpeak Checker, SEOquake and MozBar.

To help you find the domains you can use tools such as RegisterCompass, PR powershot, Moonsy and Expireddomains.

What we have laid out for you is just an example of how one can create PBNs using these tools and strategies. These methods have been proven and tested. But as with all SEO things change quickly, however we see this method continuing to work in the future.


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