4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Web Hosting Service

When you create a website to market your business and its products and services, it is imperative that you choose a good web hosting company. Avoid choosing free services, as they can fill your site up with useless and irritating advertisements, contributing to poor responsiveness, page load speed, and functionality. At the same time, choosing a bad hosting provider can put your website at risk of being hacked and important information being stolen. To ensure everything about your website, from the performance to security remains optimal, you need to select the right hosting provider. Here’s a guide on the questions to ask before choosing your web hosting:

What security protocols do you follow?

Bear in mind that if your website doesn’t have the appropriate security coding and algorithms working, it may be at risk of hacking or phishing. Therefore, always make sure to ask providers you interview regarding their security policies. This step must be followed, regardless of whether you are choosing a shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, or colocation hosting. Security is not your responsibility solely and the latest protocols must be updated by your provider. That’s the entire purpose of choosing a provider in the first place.


Do you provide SSL?

If you plan to operate an e-commerce website or online store that requires the handling and managing of sensitive employee and consumer information, you need to choose a hosting provider that offers a SSL certificate on your website. This covers all your security bases and ensures your website is protected from all types of viruses, malware, and hacking/cracking attacks. Never run an ecommerce website, without obtaining a SSL certificate. In today’s age and time, customers judge the security of a site by searching whether it has a SSL certificate or not.

What is your response time?

Always make sure to test the reliability of each company you interview by asking them about their response time. If by any chance your website starts giving trouble and customers can’t access your pages, it will result in huge loses. In addition, no one wants downtime in such circumstances, as it could spell disaster in the form of click-back rates and lost customers. Ask each company regarding their uptime guarantee and response time. Test their truthfulness by giving a call to them and analyzing how late it takes them to respond back. You can even contact others customers to learn about their experiences.

How easy is it to scale up when needed?

As time passes and your website begins to grow, you will need to scale up in order to meet with the rising demands in terms of storage and acceptable web traffic. You will require more bandwidth and space to prevent your website from going into “closed off” mood. Most importantly, you need this process to be painless, which doesn’t result in costly downtimes. Always make sure to ask each company you interview whether they offer easy and reasonable scalability. The charges to change your plan to suit your growing website shouldn’t break your bank.

So, if you want to hire the right web hosting company, make sure to ask these abovementioned questions.

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