SEO Hosting: The Hottest Hosting Plans!

Chances are that you have not yet heard of SEO Hosting.  It is slowly but surely becoming one of the much sought after hosting plans in the industry. The concept behind this hosting is quite simple. A SEO hosting provider offers webmasters a platform where they can manage all their domains under one login, and gives them a certain number of unique IPs.

The advantage of getting more than one IP is that webmasters can place each of their domains on a unique IP, which is wonderful as far as the search engines are concerned.  The search engines see each of your sites on a unique server and thus boost the search engine ranking of your sites.

Let’s go back a little in time to see why search engines find unique IPs on different servers attractive. Every serious webmaster knows the importance of links.  One of the factors that is believed to influence search engine rankings to a certain extent is the sites that link back. Turning this to their advantage, webmasters with several sites linked to their own sites to increase their rankings.  Search engines proved to be smarter and caught on to their act soon enough and fixed the loophole by finding a way to determine if the sites are hosted on the same server or not.  Sites hosted on the same server are seen as being owned by the same person, leaving webmasters no choice but to stop linking from their own sites.

Having different IPs for all your sites solves that problem. Imagine the amount of link juice your sites would enjoy if you can form link exchanges between your own sites?  Search engines will consider all your sites as unique and pass along the much needed link juice.  All this, without having to go to the trouble of hosting your sites on servers in different locations!

In the current day, when search engine optimization is of utmost importance and individual webmasters and companies spend thousands of dollars to give their sites better ranking, SEO hosting plans come as a blessing in disguise. They show you the easy way out of a not so easy situation.

Many of the popular hosting providers have started offering SEO hosting with unique C-Class IPs for your sites.

But again, deciding on the SEO hosting provider is no mean task with so many similar hosting packages available.

Since you would be hosting more than one site with the same hosting provider, the reliability factor becomes even more important. Your hosting needs to be close to 100 percent reliable in terms of up-time, and cannot be less than 98%.  Consistent server uptime is a must as an unreliable host can cause a lot of issues for your business.

Also, with a SEO hosting provider, it is crucial to ensure that the hosting plan offers a unique name server for every C-Class IP. It is very important for you as a webmaster to understand that without a unique name server for each IP, the SEO benefit you are expecting from using all those different C-Class IPs no longer exists, as it shouts out clear and loud that all are “related.”  Search engines have several algorithms of their own to test if sites are on the same server. If your web pages are located on different C-Class IPs, but are on the same name servers, it makes the SEO value zero. You might as well open ten shared accounts are different hosts and get different name servers.

There are good SEO hosting providers that offer geographically diverse hosting packages:

  • Multiple IP’s on Class C’s
  • Multiple DNS
  • Multiple locations
  • Although, some SEO web hosting plans are expensive when compared to other hosting plans, if you do your research, read reviews and look at the popular web hosting companies, you are sure to find an affordable SEO hosting package.

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