Result Oriented SEO Techniques

Many spend several hours regularly searching out the best result oriented SEO techniques that are effective today. The problem is that you can never be sure that an SEO technique would work or not. The fact is that SEO keeps on changing on daily basis therefore if a new tip was working well today, it might not work tomorrow. In order to be the best at SEO, you need to stay ahead of your competition at all times otherwise you might lose the game. You need to be on a hunt for the newest and the best result oriented SEO techniques at all times.

However, there are some SEO techniques that have always been the same and highly effective and I am sure that they will never change either. Although these SEO techniques might consume your time and ask for efforts but trust me; your business will grow like never before. The best and the most effective SEO techniques according to me are the ones based on the strategy of linking. Many people who are newbies and have just stepped in would invest a lot of their time in building links that are inbound. However, this step should be avoided and it will also rust the effective of your link building efforts.

Before I get into the details of building quality links and where they should be placed; you need to know what an effective and quality link actually is. An effective link is always found on a page that is relevant; it should be based on the same subject like your own page. The more relevancies you get the better it will be for you. Also, make sure that you place your links on pages that have high rankings; in the beginning this might be tough but as your site improves in credibility, it will get easier. Another thing to remember is adding the targeted keyword in the anchor text of your link; keyword authority will highly increase this way.

Now, let me tell you where your links should point towards. Firstly, you need to create a page that is based on a couple of targeted keywords. Now you can start working on creating some high quality links to each of the page that you create. Let’s say you have around 50 keywords that are targeted; this means you will need around 30 pages having links leading towards all of them as well. This is what we call deep linking; your overall SEO efforts will highly aid from this.

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