Different Ways to Get a Website Indexed Quickly

There are many online businesses that want to charge you an arm and a leg to have your website “quickly” indexed into Google.  However, in reality the same techniques that they use can be done by yourself for free in a matter of minutes.  We all know that Google plays an essential role in the success of a websites so how can you get it ranked easily?  Actually, its quite simple.. You just add your link to a website that is very popular that gets scanned by Google every few seconds.

So here are a few different ways to get your webpage indexed quickly:

1.  Submit the page to DIGG.com.  This strategy often works if you are submitting a quality site.  Digg.com is a very popular and powerful site and Google crawls the site every few minutes.  If you submit a quality link there is a good chance they will follow your link and index you.

2. Have someone with a popular blog write an article about your page.  Blogs like AlreadyHosting.com, and MangoOrange.com have a lot of Google Authority and Google will crawl these types of blogs every few minutes.  If they blog about your page there is a good chance that Google will follow these links and your site will quickly be indexed into their huge database of sites.

3. Join a forum and add your page to your signature.  https://www.ahfb2000.com is a great forum for beginner webmasters.  Once you become a trusted and active member of this forum you will be allowed to create custom signature.  Because DigitalPoint has such as big forum it is rapidly scanned by GoogleBots so adding a link to your signature is a quick way to get it indexed into Google.

These strategies will often get your site indexed instantly and in other cases it may take several days.. Regardless, don’t pay to have someone to index your site.. Do it yourself… Either use one of the strategies listed above or simply wait it out, Google will eventually find your page!

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