Social media apps you should be using to promote your website

Online presence is everything these days. Go fifty years back and think about the fact that one day people would be making money by posting stuff online, let alone try explaining to a man living in the 50’s that there will be something called ‘Online’. Its quite remarkable how far the human race has come, I sometimes think that this time – this age is a very good time to be alive, I mean if I were born in the early 1900’s then the only on my mind would be to find a wealthy husband who owns an estate, and I would have died happily fully content that I’m leaving behind my kids a ten thousand pound fortune! Talk about being a materialistic stuck up.

Now that we are feeling a whole lot thankful, let’s talk about how to make money through your site. Now there are a number of ways you can do that, but they key is to make sure people know you exist. If no one’s coming and visiting your content chances are you’re not going to be making money anytime soon. Fear not we have all these fancy social media apps at our disposal where be not afraid to shamelessly promote yourself.

Ever wonder why some people have sooo many followers on twitter and Instagram, its because they promote themselves without caring for a single second that some people might think that they’re weird, If you’re passionate about something let no one stand in your way but instead take selfies and post them online.


Instagram has recently attracted millions of people to make accounts, now if you are particularly more of a show and tell person then this is THE place to promote yourself and your content. If you are a blogger or a Youtuber, post little sneak peak videos and pictures of whatever you are trying to promote, key here being the hashtags. I’m pretty sure you have seen those annoying friends you have on your list who hashtag everything, yes these are the people who are most likely to succeed. And I’ll tell you why. No one is going to ‘discover’ you, you’re going to have to go the extra mile and hashtag yourself out there, just don’t overdo it because then you’ll just look stupid. Add hashtags which are relevant, now say if you are posting a picture of a cream don’t put the hashtag game of thrones, I mean what’s game of thrones got to do with anything related to your face? And I’m saying this because I’ve actually seen a picture of a cream with a game of throne hashtag, the fuck?

Hashtags are important because they bring all sorts of wandering people to your page, and with that cometh the creeps cometh the bullies. So be careful!



Now if you’re more of a kiss and tell person then twitter your bitch. It gives you the power to say just about anything. It is highly efficient in getting the message across. An amazing example is the ‘mean tweet’ segment of the popular show Jimmy Kimmel Live. You hate a celebrity and you want let them know, well now you can. However I will say that it would be immoral to do so. Again the game is with the hashtags, use the appropriate hashtags and you are good to go.



One thing I learned the hard way was that on twitter you need to socialize if you want to gain followers, which let’s be honest its not everyone’s’ cup of tea. Find people who share the same interests as you follow and favorite similar people and you shall make friends in to time. Take twitter as an online high school, it’s exhausting at first but once you make friends it’s not as bad.


Nothing reaches out to more people than good old Facebook. Facebook once was The place to communicate and socialize but now the world has moved past its charm, however everyone has the app on their phones and everyone has an account and everyone voluntarily or involuntarily checks their Facebook once in a day so if you want your message to go across Facebook is the best place to market yourself. Facebook ads alone bring in a large audience for cheap, you’ll be amazed what $10 can do for you. Plus you control who sees your ads, so you don’t have to worry about stalkers and creeps, as you get to pick the audience of your choice.


Now Snapchat is more personal, with Snapchat you can build a more loyal audience, as Snapchat is short it stays relevant and keeps people interested. With snapchat you can express your personality even more and give your audience a cheeky little behind the scenes action. It also lets you see how many people are actually interested in what you put out there. If someone made it to the very last picture in your story, they think you are interesting, good job!


Tumblr is like a cult, and if you become part of the cult you are bound to have followers, one thing about tumblr is that you have to spend some time getting to know people and do their bidding before you become your own Voldemort. Tumblr is unique in its own way, you will find a following/cult for everything ranging from Taylor Swift all the way to Barney and Friends which makes it an incredible platform for putting yourself out there. Starting a blog on tumblr gets you more followers in a shorter span of time compared to if you were to start a blog on blogger. Also you are more likely to get ‘fans’ soon because most of the fan girl crowd hangs out on tumblr, that’s where the online cool kids are. You’re welcome!


Reddit is another site where you can drop by the link to one of your post and cross your fingers that people are going to read it and better yet up-vote it. One thing I’ve learned from reddit is; people are mean on the internet, they hide behind the computer and fake username and take all their frustration out on whomever they’ve decided they don’t like in the last five minutes, but with all this said and done if your content is outrageous and you have killer engaging titles to your posts then chances are you’re going to get visitors on your site. I would say the reddit audience is a more specific kind of online human race, if you post viral content like for example the name of your post is ‘ five ways to get laid’ chances are it will be engage worthy for the reddit users but if you share a post called ‘lipstick review and swatches’ the outcome won’t be all that impressive.

So its all comes down to one thing! If you want to be the next big thing, you need to socialize and make maximum use of all the relevant social media applications out there. Good luck!


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