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By: Michelle Armstrong
Servage is a reliable and inexpensive award winning web hosting site that everyone will be happy to use. It makes its users completely satisfied and makes its users feel that their websites are in good hands. It offers 510 GB of space, with unlimited numbers of domains, FTP accounts, and email accounts for only $6.45 a month or $90.00 for fourteen months of web hosting. Plus a person can gain even more space by referring a friend to have his or her website hosted by Servage or by being referred. With the referral system a customer can gain 25 GB more of space for each person he or she refers or can gain free months of hosting.

The web host Servage always quickly notifies its users of any unusually activity occurring on their domains. A member of Servage’s team will quickly email a customer to warn him or her of a threat, urging that customer to change his or her password so no harm comes to the customer’s account. Servage is equipped with spam fighting filters, protecting the customers’ email accounts against unwanted spyware-infested emails from vicious spammers. A person can set up his or her email account so that an email must have permission to be sent to his or her account. The company even offers an easy-to-use back up system to protect a customer’s information in case of a hacker’s attack.

Servage allows a customer to either upload or delete his or her web pages and images through FTP accounts or directly through a person’s Servage account. Servage even allows a person to make tables. Servage offers custom error pages such as the familiar 403, Forbidden Error; and 404, Not Found Error; and allows its users to set .htaccess files. The web host also allows a person to create his or her own discussion boards, guest books, blogs, polls, image galleries and much more.Servage is constantly improving and upgrading its many services, making it an even more excellent web hosting provider. At times the company will give more space to its users or upgrade a certain feature so it is easier to use and more dependable. Servage allows a webmaster to view all statistics he or she could need. Anything from the number of page views, unique page views, or hits to the number of visitors from diverse countries can be viewed and tracked. The statistics even track how many hits each page of a site receives, what outside pages are linking to a customer’s site, and what keywords are being used on different search engines to find a customer’s site.

Through the past three years that I have been using Servage to host my websites, I have been one-hundred-percent satisfied. I have received upgrades allowing me to have more space than I could ever use and upgrades on features making them simpler to use. I have been warned if my passwords have become endangered and been advised to change them several times to protect my domain. I have never been unhappy with Servage or have regretted picking Servage to host my websites. I would recommend Servage to anyone searching for a reliable web host.




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