Build A Website And Then Get it to Rank in Google

I have written several articles in the past about how to build a website and how I recommend either Hostmonster or Bluehost to host that website!   In fact, one of my more popular articles that I have written discusses how a person can start their very own website/blog using WordPress! But now the question is, what do you do with your website once you build it?  If you are going to make it worth your time to build a site; ultimately you are going to want others to visit it.

The number one way to get traffic to your website is by natural search engine traffic generated through Google.  This may seem like an easy task, and really.. It is… But many people try to complicate the process by simply trying to hard to rank well.   Google outlines several SEO ranking factors on their website; however, I wanted to outline 5 tips in this article that I feel will help you to get your site ranking well!

Tips to ranking well in Google:

1.  Have a useful site with useful information and resources.

Reality is this, Google has a team of professionals who are continuously updating their search formula to provide the best possible results to the end user.  You may find articles discussing “content is king” but I would beg to differ.. “GREAT Content is King!”.  With the latest updates in their search formula Google has found ways to identify spammy sites that provide low levels of quality content and these sites have been penalized.  The best tip I can give you is to build your site for the end user and IGNORE all the things you have read about Google search, your site should be focused on the user and not on Google… And in return, you will see better rankings.

2.  Have GREAT Title and Header Text.

Don’t name your article what you want the article to rank for… Name the article WHAT THE ARTICLE IS ABOUT!  You would be surprised how many people search for long-tailed queries on Google and honestly this type of traffic can add up quickly.. Accurately name your page with the Title and Header, don’t use generic titles fit only for Google… Simply name your article in a way that the user can know what the article is about before they read it.

3.  Gaining Credibility.

As your site gains credibility is will eventually begin to rank better.  So how does Google identify credible sites?  Well the number one way is by the type of incoming links the site has to it.  It is important to have strong sites linking to your website; however, it is commonly misunderstood that MORE links is better… When that is incorrect.  Reality is this… MORE QUALITY LINKS is better.  You want your links to come from authority sites in your niche, the links should be relative and appropriate for your site.  What is the best way to gain links?  Provide quality content that people want to link to, it is that simple!

4.  Page Speed Matters.

Without going into a lot of details, it is important to make sure that you website loads quickly and without errors for your readers/users.  This is important because Google is looking for sites that keep users interest in mind, and no one likes to wait a long time for a page to load.

5. Don’t you dare try to trick Google.

Google is the number one search engine in the world for a reason.  They are the best!  And they didn’t become the best by being naive.  Google knows ALL of the tricks and black-hat methods that people use to rank well, so if you do them you will be caught!  SO SAVE US ALL THE HEADACHE, and follow the rules!



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