Selena Gomez is Ready to Take the Stage on Saturday Night Live!


Introduction: Breaking News about Selena Gomez Hosting Saturday Night Live for the First Time

Selena Gomez, the multi-platinum singer, actress, and producer extraordinaire recently inked a deal to host Saturday Night Live (SNL) for the first time ever. The announcement was made shortly after midnight on April 17th and immediately sent shockwaves around the internet. Fans are ecstatic that their favorite star is taking center stage at one of television’s most iconic venues.

The night is sure to be full of laughter and high energy considering other recent hosts, such as Will Ferrell and John Mulaney. It may even mark an incredible turn in Gomez’s career. After all, hosting SNL has been a long-standing tradition for many of Hollywood’s biggest names like Betty White, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman and more!

Gomez honed her live performance chops early in her music career when she served as a supporting act during music tours from Demi Lavato to Taylor Swift. From there, she naturally transitioned into producing her own critically acclaimed music albums Revival (2015) and Rare (2020). Gomez also shifted focus to film roles other than acting by co-producing award-winning shows 13 Reason Why (2017) Living Undocumented (2019) under her production company July Moon Productions.(2018). This might give us an indication that Gomez could be planning something big with this SNL gig!

She’s also proven to have comic chops outside of appearing as Alex Russo on Disney Channel’s hit show Wizards of Waverly Place(2007-2012). Her rollicking cameo on NBC’s Brooklyn 99 earned her acclaim from critics who see tremendous potential in Gomez’s comedic abilities and timing–two components necessary for a successful hosting appearance on SNL!

Given all these credentials many are wondering what kind surprise antics we can expect from Selena when she takes the Studio 8H stage come October 16th 2021? We’ll just have to wait with bated breath until then!

When is Selena Gomez Hosting SNL? All the Important Details

When it comes to creating an unforgettable Saturday Night Live experience, few can do it like Selena Gomez. The pop superstar is back and ready to take the world’s most famous stage as she prepares to host the iconic sketch comedy show on May 8, 2021. As with any major television event in recent years, there are plenty of important details fans will want to know prior to tuning in.

With restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic still in place, this season of SNL has been handled a little differently than in traditional years. Sela Gomez’s hosting appearance will be no exception, as SNL is shooting without a live audience for the first time ever; while Zoom was first used last year during the show’s 45th season, viewers can now seemingly expect this method of remote appearances from stars such as musical guests Kid Cudi and Jaden Smith throughout the episode.

This will be Selena Gomez’s very first stint as a host for SNL, making her long-awaited debut after performing twice before during two different music collaborations with Marcus Mumford – once for a holiday special performance, and again alongside Kid Cudi during their Radio Disney Awards performance (she also appeared along with James Van Der Beek during a Celebrity Jeopardy! Skit back in 2011). Additionally, Gomez is tapped to join Oscar winner Halle Berry as new cast members Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson’s featured guests throughout May 8th’s episode.

From hilarious impressions of Justin Bieber by Pete Davidson and quirky games like “What Up With That,” sewn together with skits sure to have us laughing until we cry tears of joy – there truly are so many elements we can look forward to all bundled up in one incredible night come Saturday evening.. All said, get your popcorn ready: when it comes to hosting SNL, Selena Gomez has all the makings of becoming the newest fan favorite addition!

Step by Step Guide for Watching Selena on SNL Live

1. Find the right channel first: If you want to watch Selena Gomez host and perform on Saturday Night Live (SNL), then you’ll need to make sure you have the right channel available. Depending upon your cable provider, this could mean finding an NBC station – either over the air or through a cable package. Many providers feature multiple NBC channels, so be sure to check that the one you’re watching is indeed airing SNL on Saturday night – many don’t carry it at all!

2. Check local broadcast times: SNL runs for about 90 minutes in most areas beginning at 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time Zone / 8:30 p.m. Pacific Time (check your local listings for specific start times). Additionally, your cable provider may run extended versions of SNL with some special content added in so be sure to check those too! Also note that some providers broadcast using delayed other details instead of live broadcasts so double-check what time it begins in your area before tuning in – or setting up a DVR if necessary!

3. Access streaming options: If cable isn’t an option or if you’d prefer to watch SNL digitally, there are several streaming options available as well, including Hulu Plus and NBC’s own website/App which offers recent episodes with sound as well as select clips from past shows — both of which can be enjoyed without signing up for any subscription services whatsoever.

4. Sit back and enjoy!: Once you’ve settled in with a comfy spot on the couch, grab some snacks and drinks (if desired!), make sure everyone’s got their remote ready and turn the volume up on whatever device you’re watching SNL from for an evening full of laughs hosted by Selena Gomez!

Frequently Asked Questions About Selena Hosting SNL

It was recently announced that R&B singer, Selena Gomez, would have the honor of hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time! Her fans are overjoyed as this will be her first time gracing the SNL stage. With this exciting news, many people have questions about what this entails and how it works. Here we’ll answer some of those most frequently asked questions about Selena Hosting SNL.

Q: When is Selena hosting SNL?

April 11, 2020 will mark the historic event with performances by pop star Dua Lipa

Q: What can viewers expect from her appearance?

Expect to see a lot of laughs and entertainment as she takes on all aspects of hosting; from sketches to stand up comedy to musical performances with Dua Lipa. There may even be some surprise guest appearances throughout her appearance on SNL!

Q: Does this mean Selena Gomez will be in every sketch?

Not necessarily – while some sketches may feature her prominently and others less so, she won’t likely appear in each sketch unless there is a storyline reason for it such as a recurring character or specific plotline. However, fans can count on seeing performances between sketches and other signature moments made famous by hosts in years past!

Q: Will Selena sing during her performance?

Yes – along with promoting new music from her upcoming album Rare due out April 10th (the day before SNL airs). She will also performing alongside Dua Lipa and possibly other guests in various spots throughout the show. So if you’re looking for a jam-packed night full of amazing music and unforgettable laughs brought to you by one of the greatest musicians around today – Saturday Night Live hosted by Selena Gomez should definitely be your go-to spot on April 11th!

Top 5 Facts About SNL and Selena You Might Not Know

1. Selena Gomez was the youngest person ever to host “Saturday Night Live” when she appeared as host in 2013 at the age of 21. She is only one of the few female stars in the show’s history to have hosted twice, with her last appearance as an musical guest and host during 2017.

2. In 2013, Blake Lively also made history on “SNL” by being the first pregnant woman ever to appear on stage at Studio 8H (where the show is filmed). Gomez also had a brief cameo appearance during this momentous episode!

3. Selena was a frequent special Saturday Night Live Digital Short cast member before her actual hosting gig, which included popular bits like ‘YOLO!’ and ‘La Vida Loca’.

4. Aside from acting and performing, Selena has some important connections with SNL’s writersRoom! Her mother Mandy Teefey was an executive producer on Davey Anderson’s “Gigantic Freakin’ Waffles” sketch series back in 2016-2017 (starring Heidi Gardner, Melissa Villasenor, Leslie Jones).

5. SNL and Selena have shared a special relationship for years: Gomez provided music for two episodes hosted by Alec Baldwin back in 2010 (“The Roommate” and “Live from New York”) while her uncle authored a memorable skit called “My Little Girl” which poked fun at Disney princesses in 2011!

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