Turning Your Reseller Hosting Into A Profitable Business!


Why do you think there are so many web hosts around and increasing with every passing day? There must be a good reason for the huge competition in the world of web hosting.  The reason is money and profits.  Do these words seem familiar?

Web hosting can be an excellent business with the potential of huge profits.  But starting, managing and maintaining a hosting company is not easy.  It needs a lot of effort, money and knowledge of server management and several other technical aspects. In short, you can liken it to starting a big business.

You don’t have to be disheartened as you can enjoy all the pleasures of owning a web hosting company and profiting from it without having to go through the grind.

The magic word here is “Reseller hosting!”

You can become a hosting reseller and offer your services to webmasters. As a hosting reseller, you are the business owner and you can charge webmasters whatever amount you choose to.

The hosting space you would be selling webmasters is located at the web host with whom you sign up for a Reseller Hosting account. What you will be doing is distributing this hosting space to other webmasters.

You will be a middleman offering your services of server space on the Web host’s server to others. There are several reseller hosts around and if you check out a few you would understand how the best reseller hosts are going about their business.

There are some well-known Reseller Web hosts who are so professional in their services, that webmasters don’t even realize that they are dealing with a reseller and not a huge Web Hosting company.  The best part is that resellers are given the option to choose their servers by their web host, and this ensures they provide the best services to their customers.

Let’s get down to the earning potential of a reseller host. If you buy around 1000MB space from your web host for a fee of $25/month, you have 1000MB space to redistribute to the various webmasters.  If you sell 25MB space for about $5/month to webmasters, you will be able to sell 40 such hosting packages, and the income would be $200/month with you making a profit of $175 after deducting your Web host’s monthly charges.

There are some Web hosts that allow their resellers to oversell the space without charging anything extra but they impose restriction on the usage of the reseller account, which is usually 1000MB.  This works to the advantage of the reseller, as most webmasters hardly use even half the space they buy, which means the reseller could easily sell the allotted 1000MB to double or triple the number of webmasters.  This increases the income to $400/month or $600/month or more.

Web hosting income is something that keeps coming in regularly as long as the services of the reseller are good.

You can enjoy the benefits of being a Web host without actually owning the hosting company. There are some Web hosts that take care of the customer service for their resellers for a small fee.  How much better can it get?

Another way of profiting from being a reseller web host is to sign up more resellers through you and earn commissions from your main web host, on their monthly sales.

You need no expertise, no technical knowledge, no investment other than the small monthly fee and you’re in a profitable business set up for years of steady income. You also have the option of changing your web host for whatever reason, without your customers ever knowing.

Here is a list of some of the top reseller hosting packages:


All Bluehost Reseller accounts include unlimited Domains, Subdomains, cPanel accounts, MySQL databases, FTP accounts and Email Addresses. Along with Private Nameservers, a Free Billing System, Free Spam Protection, Free Website Builder, Multiple Languages.

Reseller Web Hosting
Features Sky Blue Electric Blue True Blue
Storage (GB) 100 250 500
Network Bandwidth 15 Mbps 25 Mbps 35 Mbps
WildCard SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
cPanel Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domains 1 1 1
WHM Access Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IPs 1 1 1
Billing Software Yes Yes Yes
Terms Sky Blue Electric Blue True Blue
Monthly Price $30.99 $59.99 $125.99
12 Month Term $27.99 $51.99 $105.99


michael 1  -Micheal Kenmere

I was looking for a way to host my websites for free and instead of getting it for free I was able to purchase a reseller hosting account. I am now covering the costs of my web hosting and also making money from starting my own reseller business.

Isolated High Angle On A Beautiful And Successful Business Woman With Smile Standing With Arms Folded In A Customer Service And Relations Career Concept  -Stephanie Newman

I tried bluehost’s reseller program out thinking hey, maybe I can make a few extra bucks a month. I ended up quitting my job and I am now making a full time living having a reseller business.



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