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Top Cheap Host:  HostMonster – $4.95/month

If you are looking for a cheap host there are many things to consider in your search, in tonight’s blog post I would like to focus on these five points:

  • How Much Bandwidth Does the Cheap Host Include?
  • Host Much Disk Space Is Included?
  • How Cheap is the Host?
  • What Bonuses Are Included With The Cheap Host?
  • Top 3 Cheap Hosts

How Much Bandwidth Does The Cheap Host Include?
Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transfered to your web server.  If you are looking for web hosting you should look for a host that includes a lot of bandwidth.  If you make a mistake and choose a cheap host that has a very limited amount of bandwidth you will regret it because your site will either be shut down OR you will be charge large sums of overage fees.   Cheap hosts like HostMonster, BlueHost, and iPage all offer unlimited bandwidth with their hosting plans.. Basically saying you will never have to worry about running out of bandwidth or being over charged.

How Much Disk Space Is Included?
Disk space is the actual amount of space that your website takes on a web server; you can think of it as hard drive space.  Just like bandwidth it is important that your cheap host offers a large amount of disk space/hosting space.  The three hosts mentioned above also offer unlimited disk space thus would be a great option; however, beware there are many cheap hosts out there that include small sums of disk space and it you use all of the provided space you will find your self being over charged by the host.

How Cheap Is The Host?
Do you think $9.99/month is cheap web hosting?  How about $7.95/month?  Well compared to many cheap hosting providers you are paying way too much if you are paying this amount.   If you will look at sites like our ( you can find special promo links like our HostMonster promo link that will allow you to save $2/month on your web hosting.  Typically web hosting at hostmonster is $6.95/month; however, with our special cheap host promo link (above) you can get the same hosting for only $4.95/month!

What Bonuses Are Included With Your Cheap Host?
To explain this point I want to share with you an example. is hosted through HostMonster which gives out MANY bonuses with the purchase of a cheap host account.  We paid around $60 for a year of hosting and got $50 in free Google Adword Credits and $50 in yahoo credit so in reality we made money.  Some cheap hosts do not offer these incentives therefore you should do a little comparing before choosing a host.

Top 3 Cheap Hosts:
If your looking for a cheap host we may be able to help you out; after much research we bring you the top 3 cheap hosts on the web:

  1. HostMonster – $4.95/month – Read: HostMonster Review
  2. BlueHost – $4.95/month – Read: BlueHost Review
  3. iPage– $1.99/month – Read: iPage Review

You can also find a cheap host on our top 10 list of cheap host.

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