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By: Sherry Lee
As we witness the rise of search engines and global connections via the Internet, business practices have become personalized. Instead of mass advertising only, commercial companies have developed specific ways to reach out to the desired audience. Pandora, Youtube, and Facebook are just a few examples of the numerous web-based businesses that can target individual interests.Their key to success is catering to your needs. As more people with diverse backgrounds and experiences enter the Internet arena, companies need to cast a broad net to capture all these people’s attention. In order to achieve this, online websites not only feed the audience information but also encourage members’ participation. For example, Youtube features members’ videos to promote their interests. At the same time, a user can post whatever he or she pleases and hopes to be featured. This way, businesses have developed an intimate relationship with their customers by directly meeting their demands.

Another way business practices have changed over the years is by creating new habits. Recently, we see many commercial products unheard of in the market before. Fabreeze, the fabric refreshner, for example, did not become very popular from its initial advertisement campaign because people did not find it necessary. Now, on various television commercials, a lady cleaning up the house will spray Fabreeze on her couch to add a finishing touch. These commercials entice the consumers to believe that Fabreeze is a necessary component to a clean house. Thus, over time, people feel compelled to spray Fabreeze, even if the house smells perfectly fine. Business practices today definitely exemplify the fact that we are creatures of habit. Because the Internet is omnipresent in our daily lives, businesses definitely need to have a presence on the web to succeed.

Through the Internet, companies can advertise more efficiently and target more specific groups of consumers. This idea traces back to personalized delivery of information. Browsing through different web pages, you can see that Google Ads are often present. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that these ads are all related to the website’s subject. In addition to this common example, Pandora, the music genome project, delivers the listener music he or she chooses. Meanwhile, it also generates music with the same style or genre to expose the listener to a variety of artists and songs. We can have some control over the music, but Pandora still has the master control over which songs to feed us. Also, it does not let you skip more than the set number of songs per hour. This way, we are forced to try different options. As a result, it may spark new interests.With the widespread usage of the Internet, businesses can provide each consumer personalized choices, while advertising a similar product. Besides Internet’s impact on business advertisement, web hosting significantly reduces the cost of publicizing a company. Compared with costly television advertisements and billboards, promoting one’s business on the Internet is both efficient and relatively inexpensive. Online business blogs, for example, allows you to directly edit and adjust the web page to attract the maximum number of customers. It definitely gives the business more flexibility. In addition, web pages can reach out to more people around the world than any other modes of communication. Businesses with a presence on the web become international immediately.

Web hosting dramatically revolutionizes forms of advertisement and communication from businesses to consumers. After customers become interested in a business, they can initiate deals directly online. We can virtually purchase anything we need. Years ago, online transaction seemed impossible. Today, businesses can secure their profit more quickly by encouraging consumers to buy before they change their minds. Instead of going to different stores, we can compare prices and qualities on a single website. Online shopping makes buying easy and quick. Besides buying, people can also sell their items online. Therefore, a single web page becomes an international marketplace, delivering goods to anyone who has Internet access.

With the wave of new technology in the 21st century, business practices have changed over time. From radio announcements to Internet ads, we can encounter commercial products and services everywhere we look. With attractive and high-volume web pages, companies can gain consumers’ attention like never before. Today’s trend of business practices leads toward recognizing individuality and satisfying each person’s distinct taste. Through the broad World Wide Web, more companies have sprung up to facilitate person to commerce interactions. If we tell the web what we want, then a world of opportunities open up. Through web hosting and rapid international communication, the possibilities for a business to succeed are endless.



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