No Long Telephone

No More Long Telephone Calls

By: Lakisha Johnson
Some 15 or longer years ago, when a person was looking for a business, they either had to hear about it from a friend or co-worker or just happen to stumble upon it. Or most times, search the yellow pages for a company under the category they need. Now, times have changed.

When I look for a business I generally go out to the Internet and search for the type of business I need. Then I look at their website to see if they can meet my needs and if so, I’ll give them a try. Most jobs today offer a computer for their employees and the majority of all young people have them in their rooms and now even on their phones. What better way to advertise than on the World Wide Web? A business, today, needs a presence on the web. People today view things very differently than their mother/father or even grandparents.Growing up, stores didn’t need a lot of advertising and flyers to bring people in. People chose to shop at the same store because it gave them what they needed and also convenience. Now, instead of shopping at one store forever, people now tend to change stores because of prices, trends, store hours, locations, etc.


Stores and businesses today have to compete with competitors and the only way to do that is by getting their name out. What better way than the Internet. I have a friend who is not so fond of the computer. She will rather call directory assistance than search on the Internet. We challenged each other one day. She needed a number to an animal hospital that could board her dogs while she was out of town. So, me being a computer junkie allowed her to contact directory assistance (I even gave her a head start). After a few minutes, with her being on the phone, constantly repeating what she needs to the automated woman on the line, I simply typed in the name of the place she wanted. Within a matter of seconds, I had their website pulled up and was able to give her all of the pertinent information that she needed. It saved her time on the phone, wasting cellular minutes and it also gave her answers to some questions that she wanted to ask. All due to their presence on the web. If that particular business did not have a website, they could have easily missed a new customer.Why is it necessary for all businesses to have a presence on the web? Simple answer really. The need it to survive. This world is completely dependant on computers and without them; some people and jobs could not function. A business today needs a website to prepare their customer for information about their company ahead of time.

A presence on the web allows perspective clients the chance to look inside a potential investment that they are making. It allows parents to check into a new preschool for their first child. It allows friends to read reviews on a restaurant they’ve selected for girls night out. It allows businesses to screens applicants before they ever call them in for an interview. A presence on the web is needed for businesses today as a gateway to a potential booming business crowd.




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