New Business Generation

A New Generation Of Business

By: Steven McQuade

Business Practices have obviously changed over the years with the application of newer technology. Businesses five hundred years ago, even fifty years ago, had no computers or computer-related technology to turn to. This includes cell phones, beepers, i-pods, and blackberry’s.In order for any businessman, before the age of computers, to actually do work, he had to be in his office. For anybody to contact him, he had to be next to the phone in his office or at home. In order for financial numbers to be computed, a business had to figure it out with very limited calculators or with no calculator at all. In today’s world, it can be said,”a business can not survive without being on the internet.”

First off, without computers, businessmen would have no cell-phones or beepers. Without such necessities, businesses can not survive in the fast-paced world in which we live in. In fact, it is merely impossible for anybody to survive in this day without a cell-phone. And computer technology is what brought us these beepers and cell-phones.

Second off, in order for a business to function and work, it has to have computers. Doing everything by hand, writing everything down and computing numbers by calculator is just too slow for the modern world. Businesses need computers to type on, to communicate with fellow employees, to calculate financial statistics, and much more.3rd, computers bring advertisement for many companies as well. In order for any business to survive, there must be advertisements so the company can spread the word of the greatness of their company. Businesses need people to buy their product or invest in their company in some way. Fifty years ago, before the age of computers, it was done by billboard or signs for the most part. But now, with the advent of computer-technology, we have digitalized television sets and computers to turn to.

We see advertisements everywhere within our life now. On this very webpage I am on right now, google and jumplaunch websites have advertisements. These are two prime examples of businesses looking to survive in the modern world in which we live in. Businesses must advertise their products, and the computer is the best way to do that. 73 percent of American have used the internet as of March 2008, which means the dollar bills are flowing into all companies who advertise on the internet.In conclusion, from the perspective of businesses, life has changed considerably from a life of sitting and writing to a life of moving around, talking to many people, and communication. It is a much faster-paced worold today and people have to keep up, including businesses. Businessmen perform work duties over the phone and travel much more in order to sell their products. Other businessmen work are able to work at home and communicate with their employer by the internet on their laptops or home computer. The work-force has changed in immense fashion, but most importantly in the advertisement industry.

Businesses within the internet industry hold a huge advantage when it comes to advertisement, and 73 percent of Americans can vouch for such a fact. The internet has changed everybody’s lives; most importantly, it changed the lives of businessmen everywhere.




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