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By: Rani Rubio
Do you ever sit and wonder what it would be like to be “one of those people”, the ones who get in a growing business just at the right time and are one of the first to offer their product to the countless number of people just waiting to buy something new…I have always wondered how do you get that lucky break and stumble onto that opportunity. I’ve tried many entrepreneur sales in person such as Mary Kay, Home interior, Avon even Noni juice. Of course none of which worked or I wouldn’t be sitting here writing my story! I do love to shop on Ebay and other on line stores and I only can imagine what kind of profit these people make, making sure inventory is full, shipping product and having to log onto their computer to get new orders. Where do these ideas come from to start these amazing businesses and why does it seem so easy yet so hard? I don’t know either

What I do know is there are millions of people out there who feel good about buying things, old or new it makes them feel good to order and makes them feel even better when the get the item in their home and get to unwrap, get it ready to be use and even show it off to others, yet making themselves feel even better. The desire to shop never ends, we know this, our new items get old, they break, get lost and even become replaced with a new model that we absolutely must have. So shopping is a part of the circle of life.

You might ask your self, do I have something to offer the world? Can I patent an idea to make peoples lives easier? Does the world need a new pooper scooper grabber with a handy plastic bag system built in so you never have to pick up your loved ones poop and place it in a bag with your own hands? Does the world need plastic stretchable table covers to protect you wood investment and actually look nice with out plastic hanging all over your table? Or is the thing to do to market a product that is a sure seller, perfumes/colognes, clothing or jewelry?

It might sound easier said than done but honestly think of all the people in the world waiting, wanting to buy something new each day. It could be you selling this wonderful something to someone out there that you only know buy a screen name. Think about how many times you purchased something online that you couldn’t get where you live or that you didn’t have to spend hours or even days looking for in several stores, How did you feel finding that bargain, I felt great! I was thankful to the person for selling a good product. You could be that person making so many people all over the world very happy, making people’s lives easier with the little things you do.



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