Top 5 Most Ridiculous Gadgets Ever Created

As a general rule, gadgets have to adhere to just two categories: they have to be useful and to be practical. Now you might think that ‘useful’ and ‘practical’ mean the same, but there are cases when something is useful, just not practical. Imagine a three-foot MP3 Player. Is it useful? Yes, pretty much everybody loves listening to music. But is it practical? Well, you can’t really take it with you everywhere, can you? However, there is that special category of gadgets that are neither useful nor practical and instead, make you wonder what the hell were the creators thinking when they conceived them. While you can understand the reasoning behind some of them (just not the execution), in most cases the results are hilariously tragic and here is a rundown of the most WTF ones.

CTA Digital iPotty


Ok, ok, I’ll confess. I do go to the bathroom sometimes with my phone, but this potty trainer with an iPad support is beyond ridiculous. Basically, it defies the whole purpose of potty training, because how can a child focus on those important matters, if some gadget is placed there to distract him? We’ve heard parents complaining that children shouldn’t own gadgets from a fragile age and for them, this is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk


Now here is a recipe for disaster. As if texting and driving at the same time wasn’t already dangerous enough, some people really try their best to get you in a car crash. Stuck in a traffic jam? Just take out your laptop and attach a desk to your steering wheel. The drivers behind you will be so grateful when you’ll get caught up playing and forget where you are.

Foot Tanner


Because full body tanning is too mainstream, here is a device that will only tan your feet and make you look like you’re suffering from some skin disease when done. Apparently, the advantage in this is that you can work and get the UV treatment at the same time; never mind that for a much lower price you can get a full fake tan at your local salon or you can even get the real deal for free, at the beach.

USB-powered Humping Dog


I don’t have a problem with the occasional kinkiness, but even this is too much for me. See, if at least it would have some storage space, but no. The gadget wouldn’t have been less ridiculous, but it would have been useful. So, there you have it; if your computer doesn’t get enough love and care from you, here is a humping dog that will get animated by connecting it to your USB port…and, well, do the job.

The Remote Wrangler


I had my fair share of remote control losses, but no matter how clumsy I am, there is no power in this Universe that could convince me to buy the Remote Wrangler. It’s meant to keep all your remote controls in place, by strapping them to your face. Literally. And to make you forget that you look like a Christmas Tree from all those devices hanging from your forehead, the device has a face massager function. Charming, isn’t it?


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