Why Use Secure Hosting MS Exchange?

Email is a key tool for most businesses, whether they be small, medium or large.  Most corporations install their own type of secure email system on their private servers, but that is not a solution for smaller businesses that don’t have server functionality.

So what solutions are available for the small to mid-sized business?


At this stage of the game, a business needs a secure email system that is accessible from any location, yet also one that offers optimal email and business security. An option that allows employees, managers and even the owner to easily access emails received and sent; email and information that has been updated and shared with other departments or personnel. A business needs options that allow for easy updating, follow ups and tracking without sacrificing security measures. In this cases, personal email options just aren’t enough, and corporate server email exchange programs may offer the needed service but when self hosted, these can be a significantly larger solution than needed, as self hosted Exchange comes at  a much higher cost than expected (the cost of installing servers, software, and hiring qualified tech personnel.)


It’s in these situations that secure hosting Microsoft Exchange offers a more than adequate business email option. Microsoft Exchange is the world’s most popular business messaging software, and not just because it allows users to send and receive email, but also because of other important productivity-boosting features like extensive contact information with a searchable database, shared calendars, files and contact information. In other words, Microsoft Exchange offers the powerful features of a strong CMS system without the hefty price tag.


How To Use Microsoft Exchange Affordably?

Many large businesses also use Microsoft exchange because of its versatility. However, they choose to host the program themselves and this offers an added cost of running a server. So how do you use this powerful CMS as a small to mid-sized business? The solution lies in secure Microsoft Exchange Hosting services which give you the big business control you need over your email system without the complications of having to run your own server.  It offers the program on a server located off our site, a service that is extremely affordable, starting somewhere under $10 a month.


This type of service offers the hosting at a low monthly per-mailbox fee, giving you unlimited storage and the ability to easily manage your user services through the intuitive customer portal. This type of hosting also keeps your email secure as it gives you spam and virus protection, as well as faster download and internet speeds when using these powerful email features.

The Advantages of Secure Hosted Exchange:

When considering Microsoft Exchange as an email system the secure hosting has some definite advantages worth considering. These include:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Integrated Spam and Virus Protection
  • Mobile Device Synchronization with iPhone, Blackberry and Android
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Contact Sharing
  • Delegation
  • Out of Office Settings
  • Resource Management (conference rooms, office locations) global address book.

Exchange is a big leap from basic POP3 or IMAP4 email as it helps make your team more productive by giving them total access to email at all times.


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