What is Microsoft Exchange?

We hear it often, “Microsoft Exchange.” It is a term often used in business, but still many new, small and even mid-sized businesses don’t really understand what it is or how Microsoft Exchange works.

Actually, Microsoft Exchange software is  a complete and secure system that gives email a lot more power. It’s an easy way to store all contact, customer, and associate information in a huge database and have it securely available from any location and any device, whenever you need it.


Exchange is a popular and collaborative messaging and email system used by businesses and organizations of all sizes. It is powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use, as it works in collaboration with Microsoft Outlook.

Developed in 1993 as a replacement for the XENIX system and later updated several times to the latest 2010 edition, this is now a system considered popular among businesses large and small; all because of its benefits as a complete email and contact solution. These advantages include:

  1. Support of IMAP, POP, and web email clients
  2. Allows for the sharing of client information between team members and on different devices using Outlook or Outlook Express.what-is-web-hosting

How Does It Really Work?

Well, let’s say you need to schedule messages; you need decide on when the initiation of the conversation was, what the follow up is and what the end result is; find when certain emails are sent to diverse employees. It’s here that Microsoft Exchange helps you do these organizational tasks.

Another confusing aspect of email, especially for small entrepreneurs is the ability to organize emails, to separate internal messaging from external, personal from business, but when using Exchange you no longer have to worry, as it does all that for you and it facilitates email even further with a powerful search feature that lets you find information from any corner of the inbox using keywords.

Newer exchange features also include RSS feed supporter, email scheduler and a preview pane for quick attachment views.

Higher Security Settings

One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft Exchange is the security features it offers. This is a server that eliminates security threats and protects email against viruses, spam and hackers; all real threats especially when business email needs to be confidential. Employees and team members can access email from any location in the world and still keep it as secure as possible.


Compatible with Other Features

It’s a well-liked system and there are more than a few reasons why, including its ability to adapt, organize and offer tools such as voice mail storage, contact organization, search features, scheduling, all tools that integrate intuitively with the clients and employees existing outlook on their own computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Exchange is certainly efficient, and if you’re at the point where you lose too much time trying to identify, organize and find emails; or find you have problems trying to communicate with employees to see where the negotiations left off, then consider Microsoft Exchange. Using this program’s features could be in your best interest.


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