How to host Microsoft Exchange

Google_Adwords_home  Once you start growing as a business, the first thing you’ll notice is that you start having difficulty keeping track of email, contacts and communications. Things start slipping by you. What can you do about it? Well the easiest solution is to use Microsoft Exchange server software. However, this is an expensive program, probably too expensive for a small entrepreneur, unless you use the trending modern-day solution, that of using hosted Microsoft Exchange.


What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is server software that makes sending email and organizing it easier, faster and more efficient; and we all know how important this is for a business, especially as today, most business is often conducted by email.

Among the most important benefit to Microsoft Exchange is its enhanced security features. These keep data safe which is especially important when dealing with financial information, or information that is confidential. Microsoft Exchange aims at preventing infiltration by spam, virus and hackers.



And that’s all well and good, but Microsoft Exchange also has some other performance features that are really useful. For instance, you can easily track the progress of email communications between you, clients and other team members. The advanced search feature also lets you search for emails from the furthest reaches of your email account.

Why else would you want to use Microsoft Exchange?

Well because it lets you synchronize your email, your contacts and your calendars across all devices; meaning you could be in your office, or your clients office and still access the email information.

But here is the catch, Microsoft Exchange requires a business to have server capacity because of the data requirements. And that could be a problem for small to mid-sized businesses that can’t afford or don’t have the room to acquire a large business server and all the accompanying expenses. Wow. That would be an option that runs into the thousands of dollars.


Ahh. but there is a better solution. You don’t actually have to host Microsoft Exchange on your own server. You can find a hosting service with Microsoft Exchange already implemented and ready. You just contract the hosted service and share it with other businesses for a very affordable price, the price of a cup of coffee.

What better way to use Microsoft Exchange than to share the server in an off-site location?

 That keeps your email even safer as you no longer have to worry about damage, problems or crisis happening to your office location or your server.

The Advantages of using a Secure Email Hosting Account for Microsoft Exchange

This option offers a better hosting option because it offers:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Mobile Device Synchronization
  • Integrated Spam and Virus Protection
  • Calendar Use and Sharing
  • Contact Integration and Sharing
  • Easy Delegation Processes
  • Resource management

There is no question that Microsoft Exchange is a big improvement over conventional POP3 or IMAP email. It helps you be more productive and organizes everything well. But the only affordable way to use it is by contracting Microsoft Exchange hosting options. In reality, this is actually the best way to use it as you don’t have to worry about the hosting management or control of the system.


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