How Does MS Exchange Work?

As an entrepreneur you may have started out with a great idea. You may have even been the guy wearing all the hats in the business; the salesperson, secretary, manager and customer service rep. But if you are successful, and you always hope to be, at some point you’ll have to hire people, make contacts, keep customer information, send both internal and external emails and keep track of it all. How do you do it and be the IDEA MAN at the same time? You use a software tool known as Microsoft Exchange.


By now the way you organize your business, your contacts, customer information, calendars and meetings is probably a hodge-podge of different applications and manual processes.

What’s wrong with that?

Well, the problem is that you start losing track of information. You send emails and they don’t get to their destination; you lose contact information and cross paths and redo or resend information that someone else on your team has already taken care of. Over the long haul, this causes confusion, time loss, information loss, but more importantly it is an insecure way of handling confidential email, conversations and contact information, allowing outside users entrance to this all-important information.


A solution is to use MS exchange, a powerful email and contact management system created by Microsoft and used by most businesses throughout the world. Still for a long time MS Exchange was only available to large businesses as it required high powered server capability, but now with hosted options any business can contract MS exchange on their hosting for about the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

How Does MS Exchange Work?

Basically MS exchange works in combination with a user’s existing Outlook account, but automatically classifies and organizes emails depending on whether they are internal or external, or come from different types of email accounts whether those are POP3, IMAP or Webmail.


Additionally MS exchange synchronizes email on different devices, allowing you to access information wherever you are, or give access to other team members so they can take action on the requirements.

Additionally MS exchange offers other important tools and features such as calendar sharing, meeting scheduling, client information sharing and more. Exchange actually automates many of the processes you probably already do manually, and this frees up your time and offers better information security as everything is in one place. Features such as the powerful search feature, the exchange capabilities and the RSS feed supporter help facilitate the organization of your emails and contacts.


Added Security and More

I guess we can safely say that MS exchange with all of your email information in one neat little package and lets you open and access it from anywhere but in the safest and securest way; preventing any unauthorized access from outside sources.

Yes. It is a tech tool where the management of all the features takes technical know-how, but when you contract Exchange as a hosted service, you don’t have to worry about the management end of things. You just get effective email organizational solutions.



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